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Where To Get & Use Lucky Coins In Palia

Got a Lucky Coin from Zeki, but not sure what to do with it. Head over to his general store and exchange it at a machine to get a reward in Palia.
Where To Get & Use Lucky Coins In Palia

Of all the unique Villagers in Kilima Village, Zeki perhaps is one of the more mysterious characters who run the general goods store in the town square. This store has plenty of valuable items, from meats, seeds, cooking ingredients, and more, for players to buy using Gold, and as thanks for your patronage, he sends you an item that can be exchanged on your next trip to his store.

This item is called the Lucky Coin, and while it may seem innocuous at first, it guarantees you a free reward when placing the coin inside his Wondrous Machine. We’ve explained in this guide how to get and use the Lucky Coins with little luck in Palia.

How To Get The Lucky Coins In Palia?

palia items guide lucky coins how to get zekis general store daily purchase kilima village mailbox
Make a purchase daily at Zeki's General store to receive a Lucky Coin mailed to your mailbox. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Lucky Coins are another type of in-game currency players can receive and use specifically at Zeki’s General Store. This type of currency can be acquired when making purchases daily at the General store, for which a Lucky Coin will be mailed to them by Zeki and can collect from your mailbox.

Additionally, once unlocked, you can purchase Lucky Coins from Zeki’s Black Market store for around 10,000 Gold, which is a hefty price. We advise making a small purchase at the General store daily to receive a coin sent straight to your mailbox, which resets every 24 hours according to the version 0.166 patch notes.

How To Use The Lucky Coins In Palia?

After making a daily purchase at Zeki’s General Store, head to your mailbox to collect the Lucky Coin attached to a letter. This letter will be available in your inbox at 6 am or 6 pm daily, from which you need to add the Lucky Coins to your bag’s Inventory slot.

palia items guide lucky coins how to use lucky box inventory system
Open the Lucky Box received when exchanging a Lucky Coin at Zeki's Wondrous Machine to receive a random reward. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

You will need to locate the General store, which is right after Tish’s Furniture store, when entering Kilima Village. Upon visiting the store, they’ll notice a sizeable gumball-inspired vending machine right off the cash register called Zeki’s Wonderous Machine.

You will need to interact with this machine to place a Lucky Coin, for which, in exchange, you’ll receive an item called the Lucky Box. This box, which is added to your Inventory, can be opened, and you’ll receive a randomized gift hidden inside.

The rewards you can receive from the Lucky Box ranges from consumables, like arrows, fireworks, and worms, to foraged items, including oysters and Spice Sprouts, furniture pieces, repair kits, cooking ingredients, and seeds. The latter items can equally be valuable in helping you start your garden by planting seeds and perfect dishes, which you’ve received recipes from Reth at the inn.