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Who Are The Majiri, Grimalkin & Ormuus In Palia

Palia has diverse characters that make Kilima Village their home, like the Majiri, Grimalkin, and Ormuus, so learn more about them in this guide.
Who Are The Majiri, Grimalkin & Ormuus In Palia

The story of Palia coincides with your character's arrival as you begin exploring your new surroundings while uncovering the mysteries and history of Kilima Village. Through your journey, you meet and encounter various characters who will aid you in informing you more about the lore of Kilima Village through the races, creatures, cultures, and iconography present.

Speaking of the races, creatures, and cultures of Palia, there are multiple connections to the in-game lore, which also has some influence on the return of humans to Kilima Village. So who are the Majiri, Grimalkin, and Ormuus that populate and call Kilima Village home in Palia?

What Are The Majiri, Grimalkin & Ormuus In Palia?

The races and cultures that populate Kilima Village are as diverse and play a pivotal role in moving the game's story and lore. The human race is depicted as a legendary race who has disappeared from the world for thousands of years and now returning to Kilima Village, which has various races calling this village home.

palia lore guide history races culture majiri elf like jina hekla
Jina, one of the Villagers you'll meet in Kilima Village, is of the Majiri culture prevalent in Palia. (Picture: Singularity 6)

Of the races that call Kilima Village home is the Majiri, an elf-like race unique to Palian culture and possessing a pleasant and warm personality towards others. They pride themselves on their tradition, hospitality, and community, which are the core values of the Majiri, especially towards those vastly different from them.

The lifespan or longevity of the Majiri is much different to humans as they are known to live about 150 years, 50 years longer than humans. In turn, this means that they have experienced, heard, and seen more lore and history than humans, which can aid you in investigating the secrets and the history of Kilima Village and Palia.

The Grimalkin is a unique race that calls Kilima Village home, but they have quite an interesting backstory as this race arrived at Kilima Village from space. Zeki is one of the prominent Grimalkins who runs the local general store and the underground shop where he retails magic and rare items that tie into the secrets of Kilima Village.

Like the Majiri, who are recognized for their elf-like aesthetics and characteristics, the Grimalkin is known for their feline or cat-like features. Grimalkins like Zeki possesses two pairs of ears, a long bushy tail, retractable claws on their hands, and can walk on their hind legs.

Not much is known about their personality traits, but this can be for players to explore and discover through their questline when exploring the Friendship system. Chatting with other Villagers around Kilima Village, you may learn more about Zeki and other Grimalkins living in and around the village.

Lastly, a unique creature you will come across in your adventures in Palia which, regardless of gender or size, has horns, is the large and boisterous Ormuus. Ormuus are large, furry, and at times plump creatures that roam the surrounding areas of Kilima Village and provide the villagers with valuable ingredients like milk which can be utilized for cooking or drinking after being purchased from either Reth or Zeki.