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Is Palia Open World

Get your walking boots on and your backpack packed as the open-world environment of Kilima Village awaits players to be explored in Palia.
Is Palia Open World

Palia is a forthcoming community simulation cozy MMO from developer Singularity 6, slated to release this Holiday Season for Nintendo Switch and an unconfirmed release date on PC. Players can start getting ready to explore the in-game world with a Closed and Open Beta starting soon for PC players and get familiar with the environments and characters that populate the game.

As Palia is announced as an MMO game, players have asked how big the world will be and how much exploring can be done in-game. We have provided the answers to these questions and more detailing the game’s open-world design and the role of exploration in Palia.

Will Palia Be An Open-World Experience?

Yes, Palia will be an open-world experience to enjoy and explore in Kilima Village, as it plays a massive role in your in-game experience. That said, as open-world is a significant component of Palia, the developer has greatly emphasized how important exploration and discovery will be for players and the community simulation theme.

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(Picture: Singularity 6)

As explained in a support FAQ post regarding the world of Palia, the developer has explained that while exploration is a major aspect of the game at launch, they will continue to “reinvigorate” this feature in the future, likely post-launch. Nevertheless, they remain committed to focusing “ on depth, variance, and replayability in our maps over massive breadth.”

When starting in Kilima Village and Palia, the exploration aspect will be a primary focus for the first few hours to understand the world, the lore, and the skills you have to use and level up. Over time, the developer will add to this experience like new content and zones to expand on this world and the lore and add a few secrets and out-of-reach locations.

While the world map at launch, by comparison, won’t be as massive as compared to other popular and similar MMO and open-world games, it will still provide enough time to explore and play the content. Additionally, this will present an opportunity to fish, mine, and harvest resources to earn XP and other items and rewards, which, as the developer has noted, will drive “your core loop.”

This will also give players time to admire the natural landscapes and the incredible attention to detail when venturing out in Kilima Village, whether it may be finding new bug species or the dynamic weather system and day/night cycle. There’s a massive world to explore beyond Kilima Village called Adventure Zones and plenty of puzzles and challenges to encounter and solve in your adventures which can be accessible to players during the Beta testing, at launch, and post-launch.

Each Adventure Zone has a unique biome to uncover, granting players more gameplay possibilities with the new content found in these zones. This may see players getting lost or stuck in these Adventure Zones positively, whether appreciating the environment or chasing after a rare butterfly species, as this is all part of your open-world experience in Palia.

There may be opportunities to build a new home in these Adventure Zones; however, the developer has yet to confirm if this will be explored in-game. The same can be said for finding more villages in these Adventure Zones; once more information or details on these features are announced, we will update this article to reflect these new additions.