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Palia Quest Guide: How To Complete Prove Your Generosity Quest

Gift-giving takes center stage in the Prove Your Generosity quest as you fulfill various item requests from online players and Villagers in Palia.
Palia Quest Guide: How To Complete Prove Your Generosity Quest

Developer Singularity 6 has greatly emphasized the importance of social features in their cozy MMO, Palia. This is highlighted in one of the game's main quests fairly early in-game as you'll get to progress your friendships with many Villagers and forge new ones with players online.

For the Prove Your Generosity quest, you will perform gift-giving acts to Villagers and online players by fulfilling their item requests to complete the quest. We've carefully detailed how to complete the Prove Your Generosity quest and gain a few extra brownie points with your favorite Villagers in Palia.

Palia Prove Your Generosity Quest Objective List

Prove Your Generosity is one of three to complete as part of the "Prove Your" quest series, where you must demonstrate that you're worth being a member of Killima Village. This quest relates explicitly to the social features as you'll have to inquire with various Villagers to determine their Weekly Wants and fulfill other online players' requests.

palia quests guide prove your generosity quest objectives villager weekly wants requests
You can view each Villager's weekly item requests under the Relationships tab from your character's profile and locate the Weekly Wants on each profile. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Let's look at the quest objectives for the Prove Your Generosity quest in Palia:

  1. Fulfill five player requests
  2. Fulfill five weekly Villager item requests
  3. Return to Eshe

How To Complete The Prove Your Generosity Quest In Palia?

Show appreciation to fellow Villagers and online players through gift-giving in the Prove Your Generosity quest. Given to you by Eshe, this time, you'll have to go around the village finding out what wants the Villagers are requesting for the week as well as helping out other players with their item requests.

As you'll need to fulfill the requests from Villagers and online players, you can start off with Villager requests by finding any five Villagers and hitting F to chat with them. After some dialogue has been shared, they'll be two or three icons left of the dialogue box; you need to click on the icon with a gift box and a question mark which they'll share either theirs or another Villager's Weekly Wants.

For example, when speaking to Ashura, he'll reveal one of his Weekly Wants is Grilled Fish, which should be easy to get. Similarly, Caleri's Weekly Wants are revealed by talking to her twin sister, Elouise, who comments that she enjoys eating Grilled Mushrooms, which can be given to Caleri, as these Weekly Wants do change.

You need to do this with any five Villagers to meet the first quest objective before moving to the next objective. For the following objective, you need to fulfill five random online players' requests which you can view by hitting the O key to bring up the social features pop-up window.

palia quests guide prove your generosity quest objectives players requests fufill
Each player online will request various items, which you can fulfill by gifting to them should you have the item requested. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

On the tabs at the top, click on the shopping cart icon to open the Requests tab, where you can view your current Active Requests and Players Requests by clicking on the gift box icon. Here it will provide you a list of current players' requests, which you can fulfill their request if you have the item in your bag Inventory or inside a wooden storage box before adding it to your bag.

Remember, there is a time limit in which you can fulfill players' requests; you have 60 seconds to gift. Also, remember the quantity requested, which can determine whether you can or cannot gift the player the requested item.

After meeting all the quest objectives, return to Eshe at the City Hall balcony during the daytime, and you can receive 15 Renown for this quest's completion. Don't forget you will still need to complete the remaining "Prove Your" quests to complete the tests and become a full-time citizen!