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How To Chat With Friends In Palia

Playing cooperatively with friends and players in Palia can be achieved through the game's chat features which support voice and text chat.
How To Chat With Friends In Palia

Palia’s social features are a significant component in growing the game’s community feel to make playing fun solo and with friends. As such, establishing communications should be supported to foster new and existing friendships and be made accessible.

To create a more profound immersive experience in-game, the developer will be rolling out support for text and voice chat features, but how can you chat with them in-game? This guide explains how the chat feature works and how to get chatting with friends and players in Palia.

How To Chat To Friends And Players In Palia?

Building a community and network with your friends and fellow villagers plays a massive role in creating a unique social experience for players. Whether engaging in cooperative activities and events to the Refer-A-Friend program, staying connected with friends and players is essential to enhance your gameplay experience.

palia features chat support voice chat text chat how to chat with friends players community
Players can stay connected with friends and meet other players using text and voice chat in Palia. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Shoreless)

The developer has ensured this by supporting various in-game chat options for players to utilize, both text and voice. As they have stated, the intention is to give the chat feature an important purpose while giving it the unique Palian “cozy feel to it.”

Nevertheless, these chat options will take some time to include in the game as the developer is continuously working to make it possible for players to chat or communicate with each other. It’s unclear how it will be implemented, but we can assume that for text chat, there will be a built-in mechanic to support both quick and free chat through the in-game text box and text wheel.

Naturally, with quick chat, there will be select quick chat message options tailored to be “ as smooth and safe for players as possible.” For voice-supported chat, the developer is still trying to understand how to approach this feature best to ensure “player safety and comfort,” but it will still be included in-game once the feature is ready to launch.

palia features chat support voice chat text chat how to chat with friends players supported devices
Players must have supported devices and peripherals before enabling voice chat in Palia. (Picture: Singularity 6)

Players will need a supported device, like headphones or an external microphone, to utilize the voice chat feature. With text chat, we can’t confirm if there will be accommodations for controller support on PC and Nintendo Switch, but the developer may have made some considerations for implementing text chat.

Regarding how these chat features can be used, the developer commented in a support FAQ page that chat features will be available for several game modes and activities of all sizes. These include larger, permanent modes and activities like Communities and Zones (or Neighborhoods) and smaller, temporary modes and activities like Parties.