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Palia: Where To Find The New Secret Location

Two new locations are included in Palia’s latest patch update, but one found in Bahari Bay leaves players with more questions than answers.
Palia: Where To Find The New Secret Location
(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

The recent update for Palia detailed in its patch notes that two locations have been added to the game; however, one remains a secret for players. As Subira’s Suite can easily be discovered during the new main quests, the second location will require some elbow grease and plenty of sleuthing to find it.

Nonetheless, once discovered, it may tease future content in the game centered around one particular Villager, but it certainly doesn’t answer many questions regarding the location. If they want to explore this hideaway, we’ve explained where to find the new secret location in Palia.

How To Find The New Secret Location In Palia?

As mentioned before, developer Singularity 6 introduced a new Villager to Kilima Village, Subira, a Watcher from The Capital, who will investigate the sudden emergence of humans in the world. The developer has added two new locations to discover as players can begin exploring this during the main and Friendship questlines.

palia locations guide secret location how where to find bahari bay the old lighthouse map location
Head to The Old Lighthouse and look around for the secret location. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

The first is Subira's Suite, located at Ormuu's Horn Inn; the second location can be found in Bahari Bay, which is somewhat familiar to players. This secret location can be accessed by making their way to Bahari Bay and traveling to the Pulsewater Plains Fast Travel Board.

From here, they can head to The Old Lighthouse, where they can locate a room to their right when entering and find a trap door placed on the floor. It's been reported that this room was previously blocked before the v0.173 patch update, and now, they can explore this as there are a few clues to potential quests to arrive in subsequent updates.

After entering through the trap door, they'll find living quarters, which include a bed and a functional kitchen nook. They'll also find some notes left behind by the person who was hiding out in this secret location, with a journal entry referring to a key and a letter mentioning the Adders.

palia locations guide secret location how where to find bahari bay the old lighthouse inspection
We wonder what we may find when entering through the floor trap door. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

It's important to mention that the Adders were previously mentioned in Reth's Level 3 Friendship quest, Mystery Cargo. A box can be found in Reth's Storeroom where players have to find a key to unlock it, which contains three letters addressed to Zeki from his mother.

The contents of these letters speak of an unusual bond between Zeki and his mother and that she has been keeping her eye on him "from a distance." However, she had to cease communications with him due to growing suspicions of their correspondence being uncovered, which she detailed that she doesn't "want the Adders to think" that Zeki is a "self-made Grimalkin" she knows he is.

This may tease new quest-related content coming soon to Palia relating to Zeki or the potential of his mother hiding out in Kilima Village. Either way, the new secret location has certainly stirred up some theories about who was hiding in this location and the author of the notes found there.

Palia is currently available via the Epic Games Store and in Open Beta for PC, as players can install the game launcher detailed in this guide. The game is now available to download for Nintendo Switch as of 14th December 2023.