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Where To Get The Spicy Rice Cakes Recipe In Palia?

Bring home one of the new recipes available, Spicy Rice Cakes, by obtaining the recipe and ingredients as we explain how in this guide for Palia.
Where To Get The Spicy Rice Cakes Recipe In Palia?
Can you handle the heat when cooking the Spicy Rice Cakes? (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Palia’s Cooking skill lets players channel their inner Top Chef by cooking a vast array of dishes as they’ll need to forage and grow the ingredients required to cook these dishes. Cooking these dishes increases their skill and unlocks new equipment and more recipes, but some recipes can be acquired in other ways, including the Spicy Rice Cakes.

This dish is one of the new recipes added to the game in its latest game update, which will test whether players are the ultimate chili beast or succumb to the heat. We’ve got the heat and the information on how to get and cook the Spicy Rice Cakes recipe in Palia.

How To Get The Spicy Rice Cakes Recipe In Palia?

Spicy Rice Cakes are one of ten new dishes added to Palia in the recent v0.168 patch update to add more heat in the kitchen. As detailed in the patch notes, developer Singularity 6 noted that some of the recipes can be acquired from Reth’s Cooking Guild Store for completing quests and through exploration, similar to the Sushi and Macarons recipes.

There are instances where recipes can be given as rewards, and the latter is true for obtaining the Spicy Rice Cakes recipe in Palia. Based on the popular Korean food, Tteokbokki, this dish can be acquired when completing the Sear-Chef bundle found within the Temple of the Flames vault.

This specific vault bundle requires two cooked dishes and two ingredients, which are found across Bahari Bay, and once collected, players can return to the temple and complete the bundle. Once all the items have been placed in the vault, they will receive the recipe for the Spicy Rice Cakes, which they can try cooking if they have the right ingredients.

Firstly, players should have a Mixing Station, Prep Station, and Standard Stove placed within their home before attempting to cook the dish. Secondly, as mentioned earlier, they must also have the recipe acquired from completing the Sear-Chef bundle and the required ingredients, which must be prepped before cooking.

palia cooking guide spicy rice cakes how to get recipe how to cook
Players must complete the Sear-Chef bundle to be rewarded with the Spicy Rice Cakes recipe. (Picture: Singularity 6)

Below, we have listed the ingredients required to prepare and cook Spicy Rice Cakes in Palia:

  • Cooked Rice x1
  • Cooking Oil x1
  • Heavenly Spice Mix x1
  • Spicy Pepper Paste x1

Getting Spicy Pepper Paste requires Cooking Oil and Chopped Spicy Peppers, made on the Prep Station without requiring a recipe. The Heavenly Spice Mix is crafted using the Mixing Station, and it requires Dari Cloves, Garlic, Heat Root, and Spice Sprouts to make while the Cooked Rice is received by cooking rice on the Standard Stove.

Once all the prep work is completed, all the ingredients get pulled together when cooked on the stove, and the result grants you three Spicy Rice Cakes. Depending on whether you produced normal-quality or Star-quality Spicy Rice Cakes, it’s unclear how much Focus it will give players upon consumption and how much Gold you’ll receive when selling the dish through the Shipping Bin available on your housing plot.