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Where To Find The Dragon Statue In Palia

There are two large statues to find in Kilima Village to commune with, and the Dragon Statue is located not far from your housing plot in Palia.
Where To Find The Dragon Statue In Palia

Focus is one of the many vital mechanics players can utilize to earn maximum experience using their Skills. Each time you max out a Skill’s level, you’ll earn Renown, especially when your Focus Level is full from consuming food and meals.

Likewise, you can spend Renown to increase the maximum Focus capacity, which can be upgraded by communing with the Dragon Statue, so where can it be found? We’ve looked at the World Map to help you find the Dragon Statue for the Dragon Shrine quest in Palia.

How To Find The Phoenix Statue In Palia?

palia quests guide the dragon shrine how to find where to find dragon statue map location majis hollow
The large Dragon Statue is located at Maji's Hollow, east of your housing plot in Kilima Village. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Much like the Phoenix Statue, the Dragon Statue is a single quest objective for players to complete for Chayne after receiving a letter from him in your mailbox. It can be completed after completing the Ancient Battery and The Phoenix Shrine quests, as the Dragon Statue can be located nearby as required for the Dragon Shrine quest.

To locate the Dragon Statue, travel to Maji’s Hollow, east of your housing plot, by following the path left when exiting your housing plot. At the fork in the pathway, make a left turn which leads you to Maji’s Hollow, and you’ll notice this when finding a small shrine resting against a large tree.

Keep moving past the tree, and you will have successfully located the large Dragon Statue, which you can approach to interact with. By hitting the F key, you can commune with the Dragon Statue, which will grant you a blessing of Focus as it will increase your maximum Focus capacity to 250, which you can increase by 50 Focus for 100 Renown.

palia quests guide the dragon shrine how to find where to find dragon statue map location majis hollow
Look for this unnamed shrine when entering Maji's Hollow, as the large Dragon Statue is not far from it. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Once you’ve increased your maximum Focus capacity to 500 Focus, the amount will increase by dropping to 25 Focus until you’ve maxed it out. However, there are four smaller Dragon statues to be located in Bahari Bay, which, once discovered, you can head back to the shrine at the Flooded Fortress by accessing it from the northern side entrance or via the Pavel Mines.

For players deciding which is more important to upgrade, between increasing Focus Regeneration or maximum capacity, we advise increasing the Focus Regeneration bonus first. This increase in Focus Regeneration will be vital to earn max experience when using your Skills, especially when your character has “a full stomach.”

This can be done by consuming foods that grant you high Focus Points, which the recipes can be obtained from Reth as long as you have some Gold to spare. Reth can be located at Ormuu’s Horn Inn during the day behind the counter during the day and at night; he’s either at Jel’s tailor store or at the storeroom at the inn.