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Where To Get & Use Spicy Peppers Seeds In Palia?

It's getting spicy in the kitchen as a new type of seed, Spicy Peppers, is now available for purchase in Palia if you can handle the heat.
Where To Get & Use Spicy Peppers Seeds In Palia?

Developer Singularity 6 has released the latest patch update, v0.168, for their cozy MMO Palia, which included a host of balance changes, addressed bug fixes, and added new content. While the highlight of this update is the new location and its corresponding quests, players will be looking forward to spending more time gardening and cooking with fresh ingredients to grow.

Alongside the addition of Corn seeds, players can add some heat to their lives and dishes with Spicy Peppers now available to acquire and grow. If you want to learn how we’ve explored in this guide how to get Spicy Peppers seeds and their best uses in Palia.

How To Get The Spicy Peppers Seeds In Palia?

Spicy Peppers are one of the new ingredients available in Palia for players to obtain by purchasing or growing them in their home garden. Naturally, the seeds will be an item players will be hot on the markets as they can be utilized in various ways, including Gardening and Cooking.

Nevertheless, before attempting to use this fiery ingredient, you’ll first need to acquire it in its seed form, and it does call for you to spare some Gold to purchase it. Head to Zeki’s General Store, where by accessing the cash register, you can grab a bag of Spicy Peppers seeds for a scorching 170 Gold before it can be used in Gardening.

After planting the seeds, players will wait several days for the crops to grow before they can be harvested. They can sell the Spicy Peppers for some Gold, or they can be used mainly in Cooking or producing more seeds if you have the right equipment.

How To Use The Spicy Peppers Seeds In Palia?

As we’ve alluded to earlier, Spicy Peppers seeds are mainly used for planting in your home garden, which can contribute to increasing your Gardening skill. They can also be sold by accessing the Shipping Bin found on your housing plot, which refreshes twice daily at 6 am and 6 pm in-game.

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If you have 170 Gold to spare, you can purchase a bag of Spicy Peppers seeds from Zeki's General Store. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

While the seeds can be planted to grow Spicy Peppers, they require 2x2 soil squares and will utilize more fertilizer than other crops, with four being the maximum. Nevertheless, planting Spicy Peppers will grant you a Quality Boost buff, which increases the quality of nearby crops, giving you the chance to harvest star-quality crops, including Spicy Peppers.

However, harvesting Spicy Peppers will take some time; players must wait around six days for the crops to be ripe and ready. Once harvested, Spicy Peppers can be sold between 32 and 48 Gold per crop, which depends on crop quality and can also be placed in the Seed Collector Hopper to produce more Spicy Peppers seeds.

Lastly, it can be best utilized in preparing delectable dishes that will bring heat to the kitchen and your guests’ bellies. Some of the dishes that require Spicy Peppers include Picked Spicy Peppers, Spicy Rice Cakes, Stuffed Phoenixfire Pepper, and Spicy Stir Fry, which recipes can be acquired from Reth’s Cooking Guild Store upon your next trip to the Ormuu’s Horn Inn.