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Where To Get The Spooky Decor Item Set In Palia

Brightly orange and eerie terrifying to look at, the Spooky Decor Item Set is now available in-game, so here's how to get this scary set in Palia.
Where To Get The Spooky Decor Item Set In Palia
(Picture: Singualrity 6)

On All Hallow’s Eve, Villagers of Killima Village and Bahari Bay will gather not to ward off ghosts but to welcome in the Fall season by decorating the village for the upcoming festivities. As such, villagers will be trick-or-treating and dressing up in haunting designs that only Jel can conjure up.

Likewise, if you need to get some Halloween decorations to dress up your home, never fear, as a new Item Set arrived in the latest (pumpkin) patch update. We’ve brought out the cauldron and petitioned to learn how to get the Spooky Decor Item Set in Palia.

How To Get The Spooky Decor Item Set In Palia?

Tis the season for scares and terrifying tales as the Halloween season arrives in Kilima Village with new content in the v0.170 patch update. As such, developer Singularity 6 has added Halloween-themed content to the game, including two spooky outfits, the Vampiric and Stately Sage, available from the Premium Store.

palia furnishing guide spooky decor item set how to get how to obtain special cash register jels tailor shop
Locate an eerie cash register behind Jel's Tailor Shop to acquire the items featured in the Spooky Decor Item Set. (Picture: Singularity 6)

But to get players into the Halloween mood, the developer has made a new gourd-geous item set available for players to acquire. The Spooky Decor Item Set has arrived to Palia for players to acquire all items featured to decorate their home, perfect to haunt unwanted ghosts and welcome trick-or-treaters.

This item set features nine various furnishing and decor items to give your home that extra wicked feel and style it up to be the ultimate Haunted House in Kilima Village. As for how to get your ghastly hands on these items from the Spooky Decor set, players can find a genuinely bewitching store called the Spooky Moon Store in Kilima Village.

The Spooky Moon Store is situated at the fountain area behind Jel’s Tailor Shop, where interacting with the cash register will access this Item Set if you have enough Gold to spare. Let’s look at all the items included in the Spooky Decor Item Set and its costs in Palia:

Item Name: Pricing
Spooky Candles 300 Gold
Spooky Floating Candle 300 Gold
Spooky Heirloom Pumpkin 450 Gold
Spooky Jaak-O-Lantern 720 Gold
Spooky Pumpkin 450 Gold
Spooky Pumpkin Stack 3,150 Gold
Spooky Pumpkin Wallpaper 2,500 Gold
Spooky Sernuk-O-Lantern 1,200 Gold
Spooky Vined Pumpkin 450 Gold

It’s unclear how long this cash register will remain in Palia as the developer has yet to specify the dates and times of its availability. As such, we’ll update this guide on this development with the latest news and announcements and provide this information promptly.

Palia is currently available in Open Beta for PC, as players can install the game launcher detailed in this guide. The cozy MMO will be available on Nintendo Switch consoles, releasing Holiday Season 2023.