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Palia Quest Guide: How To Complete Strong Foundations Quest

Lay the foundations in obtaining your citizenship in Killima Village by proving your worth to Eshe in the Strong Foundations quest for Palia.
Palia Quest Guide: How To Complete Strong Foundations Quest

After spending hours settling in your new home, learning the basics of your Skills, meeting the Villagers, and exploring the open world, there’s still one last step into calling Killima Village home. While it will require plenty of work building your beautiful home and mastering the Skills, you will receive the opportunity to become a permanent resident of this quaint village.

This occurs in the Strong Foundations quest as you’ll spend some time at the City Hall, finalizing your residency, but will you be willing to put in the work and effort? We’ve laid the foundation in this handy guide to completing the Strong Foundations quest for Palia.

Palia Strong Foundations Quest Objective List

This quest will help you guide your way into becoming a permanent member of Killima Village by completing a series of tests to prove your worth. These tests will focus on various gameplay aspects, including the Housing and Friendship mechanics, but before getting there, here are the quest objectives for Strong Foundations in Palia:

  1. Talk to Kenyatta
  2. Visit the cash register at City Hall
  3. Increase the value of your house (25 000) and visit your plot
  4. Talk to Eshe

How To Complete The Strong Foundations Quest In Palia

palia quest guide strong foundations quest objectives talk to kenyatta city hall cash register
Kenyatta can be found during the daytime behind a desk at the City Hall. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Directly following the Home, Sweet Home quest, you’ll receive the Strong Foundations quest from Tish after speaking to her at the end of that quest. She recommends that you talk with Kenyatta, who works at City Hall for her father, the village mayor, who will provide some information that can be of value to your house.

Likewise, she’ll inform you that there’s a way for you to obtain citizenship by completing three tests outlined by her mother, Eshe. Aside from this, you can purchase various recipes and licenses to help you expand your house through purchasing multiple rooms, sections, and other add-ons, but most importantly, you can acquire Writs, which requires Renown and not Gold.

Once you’ve purchased items from Kenyatta at the cash register, you will be tasked to increase your house value to 25,000. Achieving this boils down to placing your home and decorating it with furniture pieces and decor items to create the right aesthetic and balance, so you must craft as many items as possible for this objective to be completed.

palia quest guide strong foundations quest objectives increase house value housing system
You must increase your house value by crafting furniture and decor items inside your home. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Eshe will visit your housing plot, where she seems pleased with the progress, but to obtain your citizenship, she’ll hand you three tests in the form of three quests to prove your worth. Additionally, these will also highlight the contributions you will bring to the community by helping fellow Villagers and your friends online.

These three tests are: Prove Your Purpose, Prove Your Devotion, and Prove Your Generosity, which some players may have already made some progress towards. Once completing each test, return to Eshe, who can be found at the City Hall Balcony during the daytime, to earn Renown for your valued contributions; it doesn’t complete the Strong Foundations quest just yet as you have one final test to finish in the Find Your Shepp quest.

For this quest, you’ll need to reach a Level 4 Friendship with any adult Villager and complete their Level 4 quest. This will take some time to complete; when you have successfully achieved it, it completes the Strong Foundations quest, and you will be accepted into the village as its newest member.