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Palia Quest Guide: How To Complete The Key Quest

If you’re unable to help Jina locate the missing broken key for The Key quest, look no further, as we’ve got it covered in this quest guide for Palia.
Palia Quest Guide: How To Complete The Key Quest

Jina will forward you a letter detailing that she has another door to open which requires another key to find. This will start The Key quest, which, when speaking to her, she’ll task you with locating this key, which players are having trouble finding.

Nevertheless, if you’re stuck between a rock and completing The Key quest, don’t worry; we have found the answer to finding the broken key. We’ve detailed in this guide how to complete The Key quest and help you find the broken key in Palia.

Palia The Key Quest Objective List

palia quests guide the key how to start quest giver jina letter mirror pond ruins
Speak to Jina, who could be found at the Mirror Pond Ruins, to begin your search for the broken key. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

The Key quest can be triggered when progressing Jina’s questline as she’ll forward you a letter tasking you with locating a broken key fragment to help her further her research into the ancient ruins in Kilima Village. However, players seemingly having a hard time finding the broken key required for this quest, but before we explain how to obtain it, here are all the quest objectives for The Key quest in Palia:

  1. Talk to Jina about the letter she sent
  2. Broken key (1)
  3. Return to Jina

How To Complete The Key Quest In Palia?

As stated earlier, Jina will request your assistance to help her track down a broken key, as hinted in a letter she sent you. Jina will either be located at the Mirror Pond Ruins during the day or at the library during the nighttime; after speaking with her, she’ll send you out to find a broken key with no additional information to find it.

palia quests guide the key how to find broken key rock nodes mining stones
You can mine any rock nodes found in Kilima Village to obtain the broken key before returning to Jina. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

While the World Map won’t highlight any locations to begin your search for the missing, broken key, leaving most players stumped. However, the game doesn’t say how to find it; if you pay attention to Jina’s dialogue, as she stated that it might be “hidden in the rocks,” you will need to use your Mining skills and mine any rocks to acquire the broken key.

You will find it almost immediately, and it will take hitting a few rocks to mine for stone and other valuable resources like copper and iron ores for the key to be discovered. After finding the broken key, you can safely return to Jina and speak with her to complete this quest and receive 10 Brightshrooms and 25 Renown.

If Jina happens to be at the Mirror Pond Ruins, you can begin the next quest, Echoes of the Unknown, which you’ll need to head back to the location where you completed the Ancient Battery quest. Remember that this quest required you to obtain a glider from Najuma in Bahari Bay as part of the Like A Bird quest.