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Roblox - How To Get Knuckles In Sonic Speed Simulator

Want to know how to get Knuckles in Sonic Speed Simulator? This Roblox guide details where you can find him.
Roblox - How To Get Knuckles In Sonic Speed Simulator

Sonic the Hedgehog is a much-loved Japanese video game series and media franchise developed and owned by Sega, with many adaptations and games since been made in its likeness. Sonic Speed Simulator in Roblox is one of these games. 

Knuckles the Echidna is one of the more popular characters within the franchise and is Sonics' former rival and best friend. He is also an unlockable character in Sonic Speed Simulator. So where is Knuckles in Sonic Speed Simulator? This guide will detail where you can find him.

Where to find Knuckles in Sonic Speed Simulator

Players will need to make their way to Emerald Hill Obby, where they can locate the Knuckles card on one of the many hills in Emerald Hill. However, getting this card can be quite challenging, and you must have already completed the Lost Valley Obby in the Green Hill Zone.

We'll assume that you've completed this challenge. So you first want to make your way to Emerald Hill. As you pass through the area, you will notice a tall Wooden Booster Pad, as illustrated in the image below.

sonic speed simulator roblox how to find knuckles
Make your way to this Wooden Booster Pad. (Picture: YouTube / ArcadeGaming)

Next, use this structure to propel yourself towards a spiral structure in the distance; you can collect extra XP at this location. Afterward, navigate to the adjacent hill, where you can sneak a peek at the Knuckles card on the furthest hill to the right, as displayed below.

how to unlock knuckles card sonic speed simulator roblox
Make your way over to the last hill to unlock the Knuckles card. (Picture: YouTube / ArcadeGaming)

Note that you will need to jump over to the next hill with a Speed Booster platform in order to propel yourself to the Knuckles card. And this is how to get Knuckles in Sonic Speed Simulator. As you can see in the image below, there are some additional XP rewards that you can claim, too.

how to get knuckles sonic speed simulator roblox
You can locate the Knuckles card on one of the high hills found further in the zone. (Picture: YouTube / ArcadeGaming) 

How to get Knuckles Chao in Sonic Speed Simulator

If you're wondering what Chao is, they are essentially pets that follow you on your adventures. They can be bought from vending machines in the game or earned during certain events.

The Knuckles Chao was given to players who joined the closed beta. However, in case you didn't manage to grab one, you can unlock Knuckles Chao by finding all 30 hidden Eggman Keys in the Treasure Hunt Event. And that's how to get Knuckles Chao in Sonic Speed Simulator. 

how to unlock knuckles chao sonic speed simulator roblox
Find all the hidden Eggman Keys to unlock Knuckles Chao. (Picture: Youtube / DaveAce) 

So you’re probably asking, ‘Does Knuckles have super speed in Sonic Speed Simulator?’ It certainly seems so; however, the best way to truly know is to find out for yourself. Gotta go fast! And that concludes our guide on unlocking Knuckles in Sonic Speed Simulator.

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