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How You Can Drop Items In Sons Of The Forest

Managing your inventory space can see you have to let go of items you don't need as we explore how you can drop items in Sons of the Forest.
How You Can Drop Items In Sons Of The Forest

The inventory system is one of the most popular mechanics, allowing players to store as many items, including food, crafting resources, weapons, and gear, and carry it around as they move. While overburdening oneself due to maxing out your inventory space can limit movement and speed, this isn’t much of an issue in Sons of the Forest.

Discarding or dropping items you don’t wish to carry allows you to free up storage space or slot and let go of items with little value, but can you drop items in Sons of the Forest? We’ve explained how you can drop items in Sons of the Forest and master managing your inventory.

How To Do Item Drops In Sons Of The Forest?

Throughout your time on the island, you’ll be collecting, farming, and crafting items that will be added to your inventory immediately. While many of these items can be beneficial to your survival; however, there are a few that significantly impact your progression.

sons of the forest mechanics guide drop items inventory space
Collecting the maximum amount of each item type prevents you from collecting more. (Picture: YouTube / Quick Tips)

Dropping items lets you rid your inventory of worthless items; however, surviving with less than minimal could ensure certain death. In Sons of the Forest, dropping items from your inventory isn’t straightforward, as there’s a workaround to eliminate items you don’t want to keep.

While this mechanic isn’t specifically the item drop mechanic, you can unequip held items by pressing the “G” key or the B/Circle button if you’re using a controller. The items will remain in your inventory, so you’ll need to visit and find them there, but only certain items can be unequipped.

These items include rotten food items like raw fish, crafting items like rocks and sticks, and hovering over the item you wish to unequip and hitting the right-click button on your mouse or the corresponding button for the controller. Regardless, players have no reason to drop or unequip items, as items won’t be added to your inventory after collecting the maximum of each item.

sons of the forest mechanics guide drop items inventory space craft shelf
You can remove items from your inventory by storing them on shelves which you can craft using the blueprint from the Guide Book. (Picture: YouTube / Quick Tips)

This means if you have reached the maximum amount of rocks collected and picked up another rock, it will instantly drop the item to the ground. Additionally, large items like wooden logs won’t be added to your inventory; instead, you can craft a rack to hold all your logs simultaneously.

If you want to free up inventory space, the only other option is to craft shelves you can keep around as many as you wish in your base. This lets you store items like canned food, drinks, ammo, and other collectible items like skulls, meds, and more but ensure you keep a few in your inventory or equipped to your backpack.

We want to thank the YouTube channel Quick Tips for its complete tutorial on dropping items in Sons of the Forest. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.