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All Sons Of The Forest Yarrow Locations

Yarrow can be used to make Health Mix, which can be consumed to get health back, so here's how to find them in Sons of the Forest.
All Sons Of The Forest Yarrow Locations

Acquiring medicine can be easy to find by scavaging through containers and backpacks found at abandoned camps and cannibal villages. As you will encounter enemies while exploring the island can see you lose your health, which can be recovered by consuming meds.

With Yarrow being one of the plants needed to craft meds, where you can find them will see you rely on your navigation skills to find Yarrow flowers. We've explained how to find Yarrow to make medicine in Sons of the Forest.

How To Find The Yarrow Plant In Sons Of The Forest?

Like Aloe Vera, Yarrow is the other plant required to make the Health Mix, a consumable healing item. Yarrow, unlike Aloe Vera, is more accessible and easy to find as they grow in bushes dotted with white flower petals.

sons of the forest item guide yarrow flowers map location beach cave stun gun rebreather
Locate the beach cave where you can get the Rebreather and find Yarrow flowers growing nearby. (Picture: YouTube / WoW Quests)

Visibility-wise, they are much lower on the ground, so you’ll need to approach them closely before farming. The best location to find Yarrow is surrounding the cave, where you can find the Stun Gun and Rebreather items.

This cave entrance is located on the island’s northern side, where you’ll need to climb above the entrance and head into the forest going south from its entrance. You’ll easily spot the white flowers spawning in this area, which you can either collect or consume or gain Yarro seeds to plant to grow more Yarrow.

If you follow the river leading south from the cave entrance, some Yarrow flower bushes are at the pond. In the same area, look for a trail leading away from the pond where you can spot more Yarrow flowers to farm, consume, or get Yarro seeds.

sons of the forest item guide yarrow flowers bushes forest grounds
Yarrow grows in bushes on the forest grounds and is noted for their white flower petals. (Picture: YouTube / WoW Quests)

Like with the Aloe Vera, you can also be gifted Yarrow flowers or Yarro seeds if you work on building trust with Virginia. You can achieve this by providing her with some food and clothes and not attacking her for Virginia to be friendly with you, and you can get an array of items in exchange.

Now that you have your Yarrow flowers, you can start making the Health Mix or meds by opening up your inventory. You can combine the Yarrow and Aloe Vera to make the meds you can equip to your backpack for easy access.

We want to thank the YouTube channel WoW Quests for its complete walkthrough on locating Yarrow in Sons of the Forest. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.