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Street Fighter V CE202105 patch notes: Cammy, Dan nerfs, Ken, Nash buffs, and more

After dominating the early regional Capcom Cup qualifiers, the devs have decided to bring the nerf hammer down on Cammy.
Street Fighter V CE202105 patch notes: Cammy, Dan nerfs, Ken, Nash buffs, and more
It didn't take long for Capcom to address issues the community was starting to have with Cammy, a character that's dominated Street Fighter V for extended periods of time and was looking like a serious contender to be on top of everyone's tier lists once again.

After both Kenryo "Mago" Hayashi and Gamaliel "MJ Gama" Pinedo won their respective Capcom Cup qualifiers using the Killer Bee, the company has issued a surprising update to tackle her dominance, as well as other issues.

Amongst the biggest nerfs Cammy received include an adjustment to her EX Spiral Arrow, which has projectile invincibility until Frame 4 (previously 1F) and is now susceptible to throws from 3rd to the 6th Frame.

The rest of her EX moves also have more recovery time on whiff, meaning players will have to be more cautious throwing hitboxes out there, as things like EX Cannon Strike now has 17 frames of recovery lag.

Fan-favourite Dan Hibiki, who joined SFV's cast during the ongoing Season 5, was also hit with a disappointing nerf, as Capcom specifically targetted his infinite, which was seen during the last CPT event. Now, Dan will throw an enhanced version of his Gadoken, which will cause a knockdown situation breaking the loop.

Street Fighter V CE202105 patch notes

Street Fighter V CE202105 patch notes
(Picture: Capcom)

The following adjustments affect all characters and gameplay in general:

Alterations to V-Shift's offensive/defensive capabilities: 

  • Abilities granting invincibility or armor from the 1st frame, as well as low-risk or high-return moves invincible to throws have all been adjusted to have less effective throw invincibility.
  • Considering V-Shift's offensive and defensive capabilities, normal throws should have enough impact to reliably handle V-Shifts, but characters with the invincible abilities mentioned above had an easy way to deal with throws and strikes. This gave their defense such a strong advantage that offensive opponents struggled against it.
  • These adjustments seek to correct this issue.

Improvements to infrequently used V-Triggers and V-Skills

  • These general adjustments are a continuation of previous adjustments. While V-Skills and V-Triggers have already been adjusted overall, players tend to use one V-Skill and V-Trigger over the other, so we have further strengthened the techniques themselves and the moves that rely on their input.

Rebalancing of some characters

  • Some characters have been rebalanced in light of previous adjustments.
  • We have buffed characters who were lacking in strength or who were largely left alone in previous adjustments.
  • Characters with downward adjustments have not had their moves altered significantly; rather, the risks and returns of moves have been properly balanced.

As the list of balance changes is comprehensive, Capcom has made a PDF file available for download, you can check out the entire list of balance changes on Capcom's website.