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Is Andrew Tate A Sexist Or Is He Just "Stating The Facts"?

Andrew Tate is mega-viral on TikTok for many highly controversial and deeply sexist claims. But does he hate women or is he misunderstood?
Is Andrew Tate A Sexist Or Is He Just "Stating The Facts"?

Andrew Tate is a massive viral sensation, seemingly taking over social media platforms like TikTok; this is despite him not owning an account himself. Instead, his army of supporters spam the internet with his controversial remarks about the "degraded" Western society and his many seemingly misogynistic claims about women.

Since sharing his heated "anti-women" rant with Twitch superstar xQc, the former four-time kickboxing world champion has featured in several other online discussions. As a result, Andrew Tate has surged in popularity, with many people criticizing him for "indoctrinating" the minds of young men with his sexist views. But does Andrew Tate really hate women, or is he merely misunderstood?

Is Andrew Tate A Misogynist? Does He Hate Women?

andrew tate sexist misogynist
Andrew Tate has been slammed for his purportedly sexist and misogynistic views. (Picture: Instagram / Andrew Tate)

During an interview with Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards, and Brianna Chickenfry on the BFFs Podcast (Episode 88), Andrew Tate opened up about his views about women, claiming that many people are misinformed about his thoughts regarding women. Additionally, he clarified that (despite what many might think) he was not sexist.

This discussion followed a brief segment regarding the 87,000 members subscribed to his online business, Hustler's University. In response to being asked whether women could sign up, Andrew Tate said, "Of course, they can. I get this impression that I hate women [...] We can attempt to label me with that all we want [...] I absolutely and utterly love women."

The ex-kickboxer elaborated, "I have nothing against women; I believe women are the most precious things on the planet. They create life; they should be protected; [and] they should be provided for; I would never let a woman pay for a bill."

"If anyone touched any of my women, I would stand up against ten men by myself and risk my life to protect her. I believe women are beautiful creatures," he said. However, Andrew Tate later switched gears by highlighting several differences between men and women, clarifying that he doesn't think women are emotionally calmer than men in stressful situations or capable of fighting like them.

andrew tate views on women
Andrew Tate doubled down on his views about women, stating it's "the truth." (Picture: Instagram / Andrew Tate)

"For the same reason, I would never drop my children at an all-male nursery; I think that's strange and weird [...] Women do certain things, and men do certain things," Andrew Tate said. As a result, the viral internet icon believes that society brands him as sexist for making remarks that (to him) are "clearly true." He said, "there's nothing wrong with stating the facts; it's the truth."

While the podcast hosts and guests largely agreed with Andrew's take on these implicit differences, they noted it was other remarks that many people found inflammatory. Specifically, these remarks included him claiming 100% of his girlfriends' OnlyFans earnings and his belief (supposedly backed by scientific claims) that women were not as intelligent as men.

why does andrew tate make such sexist claims
Andrew Tate has made several wild claims, but is it all a ploy to promote his business? (Picture: Instagram / Andrew Tate)

Not to be taken out of context; however, Andrew Tate elaborated on the latter, explaining that (based on bell-curve distributions of intelligence), "men are more likely to be at the extremes." In this regard, he claimed, "the most stupid people on the planet are men, and the most intelligent people on the planet are men. Women are more likely to be in the middle of the deviation."

Drawing from personal experience, Andrew Tate further explained that growing up around Grandmaster Chess players, which he described as "a world of ultra-intelligent people," women could (on average) not compete with men at chess.

Mobile users: Related segment starts at 55:51.

While it certainly seems that Andrew Tate has an answer for everything, I'll leave it to you to decide what you think about him, including whether he's sexist or not. While he claims not to have any semblance of hatred toward women, he does believe that inherent gender differences separate their roles.

Relatedly, it's clear that much of his claims do not resonate with "degraded" Western values and instead stem from his personal lived experiences; indeed, these might be very clearly derived from a world in which many of us (measly peasants) are unfamiliar.

On the other hand, it's possible that Andrew Tate purposefully makes outlandish, inflammatory claims to compel online discussion to promote himself and his business interests further. After all, there's no such thing as bad marketing. Also, if Andrew Tate truly hated women, then surely there wouldn't be much reason (apart from his insane wealth) why beautiful women almost constantly surround him.

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Featured image courtesy of Instagram / Andrew Tate.