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Twitch Star xQc Shares Thoughts On Andrew Tate's 'Anti-Woman' Rant

Twitch streaming icon xQc clapped back at why he needed to go against Andrew Tate's sexist and misogynistic remarks.
Twitch Star xQc Shares Thoughts On Andrew Tate's 'Anti-Woman' Rant

After trending on the internet for all the wrong reasons, former kickboxing champion-turned internet icon Andrew Tate’s sexist and misogynistic opinions were struck down by Twitch streamer Felix "xQc" Lengyel on 14th July 2022. Following the dumpster fire of a debate, xQc, who went against Tate’s “anti-women” rants, talked a little more about why he stood up for women and his reasoning for joining Adin Ross' live stream in the first place.

Twitch Star xQc Opens Up About Andrew Tate’s Sexist Remarks

xQc andrew tate twitch stream anti-women sexist rant
xQc shutdown Andrew Tate's sexist remarks against women on Twitch. (Picture: xQc / Twitch)

In his Twitch live stream on 15th July 2022, xQc said, “it’s absolute chaos, and once you understand that, I have to go harder, and I have to be involved in that discussion."

The Twitch star continued, "Otherwise, we will not be able to disprove, or we’re not going to have any second-guess his thoughts. That’s the problem with people that talk to [Tate] is that they don’t go against his takes. They don’t go against his beliefs. They don’t say anything, they say ‘yeah’ [and] they nod.”

The streamer expanded further, explaining that it was essential for Tate to elaborate on his opinions before letting them slide during the stream. In his statement, he pointed out how important it was to see if Tate meant his statements in any other way. This is mainly because the former kickboxer-turned-influencer said rather outrageously sexist remarks about women. 

xqc twitch superstar andrew tate stream
Andrew Tate and xQc debated on Twitch. (Picture: xQc / Twitch)

In this regard, xQc wanted to better understand Tate's viewpoint before rushing to conclusions or allowing the masses to side with Tate and sharpen pitchforks. Although the intention or thought behind the speech was pure and light-hearted, it may not always come out the way people seem it to be.

xQc added to his initial statement by saying, “What does Adin Ross do when [Tate] says his takes, [he says] ‘yeah, yeah.’ They just nod [at Tate’s remarks.] I’m not going to do that; I’m sorry, man. I’m not going to let some guy that is anti-women go on anti-women rants on the stream without voicing my f*cking opinion."

xQc twitch andrew tate
Twitch star xQc says he simply wasn't going to sit back and let Tate go off on an anti-women rant. (Picture: xQc / Twitch)

"If that comes out as shouting, getting mad, moving my f*cking arms around, then so be it. That’s my method of communicating sometimes, and it sucks, but so f*cking be it,” xQc concluded.

Explicit or extremely rough takes can be perceived by many in different ways, especially when it comes to opinions against protected groups (race, gender, religion, etc.). In extreme cases, it can rally those who follow these negative and disgusting forms of discrimination such as sexism, racism, or homophobia.

This sentiment is particularly important when considering that Twitch is a platform where millions gather to consume what is, in many regards, highly compelling content. Beyond this, many viewers on Twitch are also minors, so it's understandable why xQc didn't want to allow sexism to persist on the platform.

Admittedly, xQc didn’t communicate in the most perfectly-sound manner; however, his instinct to rise against Tate’s sexist views and even allow him to correct his words, hoping he might’ve meant what he said differently, shows righteousness.

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Featured image courtesy of xQc and Twitch.