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Amouranth stalker jailed after leaving Estonia to break into her house

Twitch megastar Amouranth revealed a shocking story of how an Estonian man stalked her for 44 days and tried to break into her house.
Amouranth stalker jailed after leaving Estonia to break into her house

Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa is among the most-viewed streamers on Twitch and is best known for her provocative hot tub and ASMR streams. So while it's no surprise that Amouranth has drawn the attention of many creeps and stalkers in her time, this latest encounter made the Twitch megastar literally fear for her life.

On 15th June 2022, Amouranth revealed a shocking string of events involving an Estonian man who reportedly sold all his belongings and moved to Houston, Texas, where he stalked her for at least 44 days. More disturbingly, the man live-streamed everything, including his attempt to forcibly break in and gain access to Amouranth's private residence.

Amouranth stan attempts break-in after stalking her for 44 days

amouranth stalker estonia streamed everything on twitch 44 days
Amouranth said her stalker psychotically streamed everything in-real time on Twitch. (Picture: Twitch / Amouranth)

According to a string of Tweets on Amouranth's personal Twitter account, the man had been stalking her since 8th May 2022, arriving in the U.S. with nothing but a saxophone, a formal suit, and the clothes on his back.

The Twitch star continued to reveal that he had "traveled all the way from Estonia" and was "living in a nearby hotel" with perfect line of sight of her PO Box. The streams typically had no viewers but later grew as he gained notoriety. While these streams were eventually taken down, the man would return on a different account of the same alias.

Amouranth noted that the man also frequently watched and re-streamed her streams. The Twitch star further explained that although she reported him in the past, she wanted his stream to remain up while he was in her city so she could "keep a close tab on him."

"The reason I'm taking this so seriously is because he has professed that he has sold all his worldly possessions, his residence, and everything he owns to make this trip, and he's wracking up a mighty bill on his charge card," Amouranth explained. The man, by his own admission, even sold his cat.

amouranth stalker creepy videos buffalo bill twitch
The Estonian stalker made creepy dancing videos, which he would send to Amouranth. (Picture: Twitter / Wildkait)

On 13th June 2022, the man streamed himself journeying to Amouranth's residence, where he camped around the vicinity for 30 minutes. "He streamed himself outside, slinking around, mumbling about how he knew it was wrong."

Amouranth said she called 9-11 when the man attempted to break in and gain entry to her premises, only to be met with a rude Dispatch who constantly put her on hold. While she previously alerted a nearby local Police Department about the stalker, it took first responders a shocking 30 minutes to arrive.

Given the "apparent lack of motivation" for law enforcement to intercept, particularly with the sharp rise in the frequency of shootings, Amouranth sought to hire private security as protection.

amouranth hires private security protection creepy estonia stalker
Amouranth said she was scared for her life and saw no other option. (Picture: Twitter / Wildkait)

"Unknown to the stalker, an armed person or a group of people (some of who I employ) had been over at my house for protection, heavily armed, behind cameras, a security system, and big guard dogs," Amouranth said.

The stalker was eventually apprehended, and the Estonian Embassy was contacted to intervene. Accordingly, Amouranth noted that the man was removed from Houston, and no further information regarding his whereabouts is known at this time.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / Amouranth.