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Netflix Working On 'Cloud Gaming Service' Similar To Xbox Game Pass

Could Netflix be looking to take on Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass and Sony's PlayStation Now in the cloud gaming space?
Netflix Working On 'Cloud Gaming Service' Similar To Xbox Game Pass

Popular streaming service Netflix might be looking to launch a cloud gaming service similar to Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation now after a job listing for a Senior Software Engineer in Rendering Engineering was spotted on the company website.

This comes after the platform's successful launch of its gaming service, Netflix Games, late last year. Since launching, the streaming service, while strictly focused on Android and iOS mobile games, has continued to expand on its gaming offerings.

However, this latest job listing prompts further speculation regarding the future of Netflix's game service, specifically, whether the company is ready to take on behemoths Sony and Microsoft in the cloud gaming space.

Netflix Cloud Gaming Service is currently in development

As noted by NME, Netflix is speculated to be working on a new "cloud gaming service" after a job listing for a Senior Software Engineer in Rendering Engineering was spotted at the company. According to the listing, Netflix is looking for a "rendering engineer to support [its] cloud gaming service."

netflix cloud gaming service
Netflix might be working on a cloud gaming service similar to Game Pass. (Picture: Netflix)

"In this role, you will help optimize the rendering of games so we can render multiple games on our cloud gaming appliances. You will also assist with the development of SDKs to enable game developers to succeed in writing high-quality games for the Netflix cloud games ecosystem," the listing read.

Without official wording from the mammoth streaming service, Netflix's plans to fully penetrate the gaming space are still largely premature. Still, it begs whether Netflix is expected to rival more established cloud-based game streaming services like Xbox's Game Pass or PlayStation Now.

Netflix currently boasts a library of just under 20 mobile gaming titles, including game adaptations of hit Netflix-exclusive series like Stranger Things and other titles including Poinpy, Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story, Arcanium: Rise of Akhan, and more. In addition, many more titles like a game adaptation of The Queen's Gambit are expected to launch soon, as revealed at Netflix's Geeked Week 2022.

Indeed, Netflix's current scope of Android and iOS based is hardly intensive compared to its would-be competitors at Sony and Microsoft. However, considering their latest listing, they don't seem afraid to try. Accordingly, Netflix is hiring engineers with prior "experience working Unity or Unreal game engines," particularly those experienced with "high performance, real-time applications such as games or simulations."

netflix games cloud gaming
Netflix's latest job listing prompts speculation about the future of its games offering. (Picture: Netflix)

It would certainly be interesting to see what a Netflix cloud gaming service for high-performance gaming would look like. Moreover, considering the success of their current game titles, prospects are understandably positive.

At present, the company has already spent hundreds of millions of dollars after acquiring game studio Boss Fight Entertainment in March 2022. However, with Netflix still in its "early days" of expanding its games offering, it's exciting to see what the company will do next.

The Netflix Games feature is currently included for free with regular Netflix membership, with zero ads, in-app purchases, or extra fees.

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Featured image courtesy of Instagram / Andrew Tate.