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Andrew Tate Shuts Down Hustler's University Affiliate Program

Andrew Tate has stopped Hustler's University's Affiliate Marketing money-making scheme, closing a key revenue stream.
Andrew Tate Shuts Down Hustler's University Affiliate Program

The last couple of days has been a rollercoaster for viral internet sensation Andrew Tate. On 19th August, tech giant Meta banned him from Instagram and Facebook for violating its policy of “dangerous organizations and individuals,” removing his account of nearly 5 million followers and other platforms like TikTok soon to follow.

More recently, Andrew Tate’s online business Hustler's University reportedly shut down its Affiliate Marketing Program, which critics previously branded a pyramid scheme. According to a report by The Guardian on 20th August 2022, the closure marks the "loss of a key revenue stream" for the ex-kickboxer. But is this the end of Andrew Tate?

Why did Andrew Tate close Hustler's University Affiliate Marketing?

andrew tate tristan tate shut down hustlers university
Andrew Tate shuts down his business Hustler's University, with his brother, Tristan Tate. (Picture: Instagram / Andrew Tate)

The decision by Andrew Tate to shut down the money-making affiliate scheme of Hustler’s University presumably follows the plan to reshape the business and separate from "false narratives" about him, including "false" claims that Hustler's University was a pyramid scheme.

In a separate podcast, Andrew Tate's brother and business partner Tristan Tate further explained that the program was removed from Hustler's University 2.0 because "the haters were too loud."

On 14th July 2022, during the BFF Podcast with Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards, and Brianna Chickenfry, Andrew Tate revealed that Hustler's University had 87,000 "retained" members.

However, a report by the Observer in early August showed that sign-ups later ballooned to a peak of 127,000 members; this was before losing 18,000 members in two weeks, totaling a nearly $1 million loss in revenue.

andrew tate lost money member hustlers university
Andrew Tate reportedly lost $900,000 worth of subscribed Hustler's University members in the past two weeks. (Picture: Instagram / Andrew Tate)

While a $900,000 revenue loss might seem striking, it doesn't mean Andrew Tate's revenue stream is plummeting or that Hustler's University is failing. On the contrary, according to the company's website, a "massive upgrade" would be launching on 22nd August 2022, dubbed Hustler's University 3.0 (HU3).

Andrew Tate launches Hustler's University 3.0

"Hustler’s University 2.0 is currently closed due to a massive platform upgrade. However, once the countdown hits zero, HU3 will be released. The first comers will lock in a $49.99 monthly membership fee FOREVER. When the limited spots are sold out, the price to enroll in HU3 will increase. Join us and experience the future of learning," the website read.

andrew tate banned instagram facebook
Andrew Tate was recently banned from Instagram and Facebook for violating its policy on "dangerous organizations and individuals." (Picture: Instagram / Andrew Tate)

The launch of Hustler’s University 3.0 apparently signifies a new horizon for the influencer amid a seemingly drastic attempt by tech giants to silence him. Commenting on the Meta ban, Andrew Tate appeared unfazed, stating that he didn’t care or “think” too much about it, despite later calling it a “personal attack” by people falsifying his words and actions.

Noting his recent progressions and business developments, it seems Andrew Tate's viral takeover is far from over, with the outlook of potentially generating even more revenue, despite recent controversy and reported financial losses.

In the past, the kickboxer claimed to have a three-part takeover plan; so does this latest gear shift thus represent the start of the next phase? We'll have to wait and see.

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Featured image courtesy of Instagram / Andrew Tate.