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V Rising Frostmaw The Mountain Terror: How To Beat, Location & Rewards

Learn how to beat Frostmaw The Mountain Terror in V Rising, including his location and rewards, right here!
V Rising Frostmaw The Mountain Terror: How To Beat, Location & Rewards

If you like tough battles in the snow, then you need to fight Frostmaw the Mountain Terror in V Rising. However, we should note that it won't be a walk in the park. On the contrary, overcoming this formidable V Blood Carrier will likely involve you having a lot of broken gear. But don't worry -- we're experts in surviving and thriving in V Rising!

This guide will explain how to beat Frostmaw the Mountain Terror in V Rising. In particular, we will detail his location, the best offensive and defensive spells to use, and the slew of amazing rewards you'll get for defeating him. Word of caution: this is not your average boss battle, so expect a challenge. This boss is a relentless opponent!

Update on 18 May 2023: We're in the process of updating all our V Rising guides to reflect the changes in the Gloomrot update, starting with the boss guides. In most cases, the guides are still accurate, with the exception of the boss' levels, rewards, and a few spells.

V Rising: Frostmaw The Mountain Terror Location


Frostmaw is a roaming boss, which means you won't find him in any particular spot. Instead, you will find Frostmaw the Mountain Terror walking the roads of the Hallowed Mountains biome of V Rising. Once you reach this area, which you can access via Dunley Farmlands or Farbane Woods, you will have to traverse the main road that circles the zone to find him. Otherwise, you can track him via the Blood Altar to locate him. As a tip: travel to the northwestern part of the Hallowed Mountains to unlock the Vampire Waygate before starting the fight so you can easily teleport there if you die.

V Rising: How To Beat Frostmaw The Mountain Terror

Frostmaw the Mountain Terror is a formidable Level 56 V Blood Carrier in V Rising. Therefore, we recommend only attempting to fight him if you have a Gear Score of 55 and above. Firstly, let us go over the arena, as it is important to note the lack of available space when fighting him. You will have to face him on the road, which is relatively narrow, with little room to escape. That being said, the best place to fight him is at the ramp that leads to the circling road of the center of the biome. The second best option is the top right corner of the circling road. This part of the map has a large open area where you can lure him into making the fight a lot easier.


Frostmaw the Mountain Terror will start the fight by running towards you and delivering a 3-hit melee combo. He is quite a large fellow, but don't be fooled: he is also extremely mobile. As such, you will require decent movement speed and at least one defensive barrier. We recommend using any of the following Travel Abilities: Veil of Chaos or the Veil of Illusion. Both allow for two instances of movement in a row, allowing for evasive maneuvers even in confined spaces.

After the melee barrage, Frostmaw will reposition himself before launching three projectile attacks. At this point, you should use any of the following barrier spells: Ward of the Dammed or Chaos Barrier. Ward of the Dammed is suggested because you will spawn an undead warrior to deal damage for every attack blocked. On the other hand, Chaos Barrier will boost your movement speed by 10% and block melee and projectile attacks in front of you for 2s, reflecting Frostmaw's attacks for 75% damage. It also inflicts Chaos Burn over time.

The spells mentioned previously will be necessary for the first phase of the fight. However, the second phase will require some offensive maneuvers, too. In particular, you will need fast-casting and fast-moving projectiles because Frostmaw the Mountain Terror runs around very fast, making him hard to hit. For this reason, Chaos Volley is recommended. A good alternative is Sanguine Coil, as it allows you to heal 40% of the damage on each successful hit.

Frostmaw the Mountain Terror will activate ablizzardthat will set off many explosions of ice that will slow and freeze you in place if you are hit by them. This is a particularly dangerous point in the fight as you must contend with positioning yourself along a narrow path as you evade the explosions going off and his melee attacks. As a result, reserve your movement ability for when he charges you. Also, be mindful of using your barrier when he slashes you. Once the blizzard ends, shift your focus from defense to offense and deal as much damage as possible. 

Frostmaw_The_Mountain_Terror_5.png (1

Suppose you have done enough damage to him and survived, you'll then need to get through Phase 3. This battle stage repeats the previous phases; however, Frostmaw will also shoot a powerful ice beam at you. If the ray hits you, it will deal massive damage and freeze you. While immobilized, you cannot cast spells, leaving you vulnerable to follow-up attacks. So save your movement ability for when he starts the beam and quickly move behind him, blasting him with as many attacks as possible.

You could also retreat backward; however, you will lose the opportunity to deal damage to Frostmaw and risk potentially resetting the fight if you leave the battle area. Considering everything we mentioned, we recommend using Warrior Blood Type of 30% or higher. We say this because, primarily, once Phase 2 of the fight with Frostmaw the Mountain Terror starts, you won't be able to dodge all damage. Basically, the damage reduction from Warrior Blood is pivotal in helping you survive this fight.

V Rising: Frostmaw The Mountain Terror Rewards


After beating Frostmaw the Mountain Terror in V Rising, you will earn two rewards. The first is the ability called Ice Nova. This ability allows you to summon an explosion of frost at a target location, dealing 100% magic damage and applying the Chill debuff to any enemies for 5 seconds. If the enemies in question are already under Chill's effect, they will be Frozen for 4 seconds instead. Note NPC’s will be frozen for 4 seconds and players only 2.5 seconds. 

The second reward is the crafting recipe for Scrolls. This recipe is important as it lets you speedily unlock everything at theStudy. This will speed up your progression greatly, assuming you have the resources to make the required Scrolls! Frostmaw the Mountain Terror will also likely drop Gold Jewellery and an Unsullied Heart. And that's it! We hope you enjoyed this guide on Frostmaw The Mountain Terror in V Rising.

All featured images in this guide are courtesy of GINX / Tristan Wilkins and Stunlock Studios.

V Rising Frostmaw The Mountain Terror: How To Beat, Location & Rewards FAQ

Where can I find Frostmaw the Mountain Terror in V Rising?

Frostmaw the Mountain Terror is a roaming boss in the Hallowed Mountains biome of V Rising. He can be found walking the roads in the area, and you can track him using the Blood Altar or by exploring the main road that circles the zone.

What is the best way to beat Frostmaw the Mountain Terror in V Rising?

Recommended offensive spells for this fight in V Rising include Chaos Volley and Sanguine Coil for fast-casting and fast-moving projectile attacks. For defensive spells, consider using barrier spells like Ward of the Dammed or Chaos Barrier to block and reflect Frostmaw's attacks while providing additional benefits such as summoning undead warriors or boosting movement speed.

What rewards do I get for defeating Frostmaw the Mountain Terror in V Rising?

Defeating Frostmaw the Mountain Terror in V Rising rewards you with the ability called Ice Nova, which summons an explosion of frost and applies the Chill debuff to enemies. Additionally, you receive the crafting recipe for Scrolls, which allows you to unlock everything at the Study more quickly. Frostmaw may also drop Gold Jewellery and an Unsullied Heart during the fight.