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V Rising Jade The Vampire Hunter: How To Beat, Location, & Rewards

Learn how to find and beat Jade the Vampire Hunter in V Rising to unlock Dual Pistols, Primal Blood Essence, and Chaos Barrage!
V Rising Jade The Vampire Hunter: How To Beat, Location, & Rewards

Are you struggling to defeat the formidable Blood Carrier, Jade the Vampire Hunter, in V Rising?  We've got you covered. Defeating her may seem daunting, but the rewards that await you make it well worth the effort. By defeating Jade, you'll gain access to valuable crafting recipes for Primal Blood Essence and Dual Pistols, enhancing your arsenal and capabilities.

But that's not all! Knowing exactly how to beat Jade the Vampire Hunter will unlock the coveted Chaos Barrage, a powerful Ultimate Ability that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. In this comprehensive guide, we'll equip you with two proven approaches to taking down Jade: the clever and strategic "cheesy" method and the more demanding and skill-based "hard" approach.

Update on 4 June 2023: We've updated this guide to reflect the changes in the V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot update.

V Rising: Jade The Vampire Hunter Location


Jade the Vampire Hunter roams the winding paths of the Dunley Farmlands in V Rising, making it challenging to pinpoint her exact location. The most effective approach is to track her movements via the Blood Carrier interface. We've provided a rough idea of Jade's movement around the map, which should help you reach her a bit easier.

It's worth noting that this Level 57 V Blood Carrier traverses through the Dawnbreak Village, which serves as Beatrice the Tailor's residence. Another boss, Christina the Sun Priestess, also utilizes this area as a thoroughfare.

As such, taking advantage of this situation by hanging around this area could be useful to farm resources and kill both of these bosses when they go through the area. However, exercise caution to avoid inadvertently triggering nearby enemy mobs or encountering multiple V Blood Carriers simultaneously. 

V Rising: How To Beat Jade The Vampire Hunter

Jade the Vampire Hunter in V Rising presents a formidable challenge to any player who isn't well-equipped. But don't be disheartened if it takes you several attempts to beat her. This V Blood Carrier possesses aggravating strength, utilizing ranged attacks that involve hurling combustible explosives capable of inflicting devastating damage upon impact.

To counter this, it is crucial to maintain a safe distance from Jade and utilize your own ranged attacks. If you prefer a melee approach, be careful and dodge the explosives she throws onto the ground beneath her. Using Merciless Iron weapons (or higher) like the Reaper is recommended because you can use its Howling Reaper ability to deal damage at range.


We suggest using the offensive spell Chaos Volley. This ability launches two Chaos Bolts in a sequence that deals 110% magic damage each and inflicts Ignite. At the same time, you'll be wise to equip the defensive spell Ward of the Damned. This ability will block melee and projectile attacks for 2s, with each blocked attack providing a 50% chance to summon a skeleton to tank and deal damage.

However, be mindful that Jade's attacks have the potential to slow your movements or silence you, the latter preventing the casting of any spells. So care by activating Ward of the Damned or a defensive spell like Frost Barrier to counter these attacks. Also, watch out that you don't step on the bombs she puts down on the floor in the later stages of the fight.


Jade the Vampire Hunter "Cheese" Strategy

Alternatively, consider the following method if you're looking to "cheese" your way into defeating Jade the Vampire Hunter in V Rising while minimizing damage taken. Firstly, lure Jade away from a main road to avoid attracting unwanted attention from other enemies or accidentally aggroing nearby mobs. Next, identify a solid object or structure Jade cannot traverse, such as a large house or obstacle.

Utilize this to your advantage by kiting Jade around it. Then, as she relentlessly pursues you, take advantage of the moments when she turns corners to launch your attacks against her. Specifically, throw out your Howling Reaper ability around the corner to deal damage as she turns around the corner. Additionally, pay close attention to the audio cues preceding Jade's projectile attacks.

When you hear these cues, use Ward of the Damned to block the damage and summon skeletons to attack her, effectively hastening her demise. By following this method, you can employ a clever and strategic approach to defeating Jade the Vampire Hunter while minimizing the damage inflicted upon yourself. In the previous patch, you could use Chaos Barrier to reflect Jade's attacks; however, this spell is now locked until a little later, requiring you to beat Angram the Purifier.

V Rising: Jade The Vampire Hunter Rewards


Once you have emerged victorious, your efforts will be handsomely rewarded with the following ability and crafting recipe unlocks:

  1. Chaos Barrage (Ultimate Ability) - Launch 4 Chaos Orbs that deal 75% magic damage on a direct hit, 75% magic damage to enemies in an area, and inflict Chaos Burn. 1s cast time. 150s cooldown.
  2. Dual Pistols (Weapon class) - Once unlocked, you can craft the Iron-tier Dual Pistols at the Smithy. The first active weapon ability is called Fan The Hammer, which fires a barrage of ten bullets over 1.5s, dealing 25% physical damage each and knocking the target back. The second active ability is Explosive Bullet, which lets you roll and fire a single bullet dealing 25% physical damage. The bullet explodes after 3s, dealing 125% damage in an AOE, knocking enemies back.
  3. Primal Blood Essence (Recipe) - Once unlocked, you can craft this high-tier blood source required to craft the Anvil (unlocks Dark Silver and Sanguine weaponry). Primal Blood Essence can be crafted at the Blood Press and requires Exquisite Heart or Greater Blood Essence.

And that concludes our guide on how to beat Jade the Vampire Hunter in V Rising. These rewards serve as a testament to your triumph over Jade, empowering you with new abilities and valuable crafting options to advance further in your V Rising journey.

Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.

V Rising Jade The Vampire Hunter: How To Beat, Location, & Rewards FAQ

Where can I find Jade the Vampire Hunter in V Rising?

Jade the Vampire Hunter roams the Dunley Farmlands in V Rising, frequently traversing through Dawnbreak Village.

What strategy should I use to defeat Jade the Vampire Hunter in V Rising?

Maintain a safe distance, use ranged attacks, and swiftly dodge Jade's explosives. Use the spells Ward of the Damned and Chaos Volley to block and deal damage, respectively.

What rewards do I receive for defeating Jade the Vampire Hunter in V Rising?

Defeating Jade unlocks Chaos Barrage (Ultimate Ability) and crafting recipes for Dual Pistols and Primal Blood Essence.