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V Rising Angram The Purifier: How To Beat, Location & Rewards

Learn how to find and defeat Angram the Purifier in V Rising to unlock the Chaos Barrier ability and recipes for Mutated Rat, Major Explosives, and Irradiant Gruel.
V Rising Angram The Purifier: How To Beat, Location & Rewards

Angram the Purifier is a Level 60 Blood Carrier in V Rising that deals insane levels of Chaos damage. As a result, it should be no shock that this boss will put up quite the fight! But don't worry -- we've got you covered. In this guide, we'll explain how to beat Angram the Dark Savant in V Rising, including the best blood, abilities, and weapons to use in the fight.

Also, this guide is based on hours of hardcore grinding. We've busted our asses learning all the perfect strategies to take down these Gloomrot bosses in V Rising, including Adam the Firstborn. That said, Angram is no exception! So continue reading to learn how to defeat Angram in V Rising, including his location and the rewards you'll earn by overcoming him.

Updated on 29 May 2023: Angram the Purifier is a new boss in V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot update.

V Rising: Where To Find Angram The Purifier - Location


Angram the Purifier is located in the Pools of Rebirth in Gloomrot South. This V Blood Carrier is usually surrounded by loyal servants who are not too friendly. The area is also filled with other dangers, so tread lightly. Since this area lies in the center of Gloomrot, the fastest way to access it is via the northern parts of Silverlight Hills or Dunley Farmlands.

If you're a first-time visitor, it's also advised to enter Gloomrot via the Dunley Farmlands, as there is a Vampire Waygate nearby through which you can teleport back quickly if you perish. If you venture northeast of the Pools of Rebirth, you'll find a second Vampire Waygate to activate and several spots to plonk your base.

V Rising: How To Beat Angram The Purifier

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Angram the Purifier is a Level 60 V Blood Carrier in V Rising. As such, you'll need a suitable Gear Score of 57+ to have a fighting chance. This is because Angram has many allies to help him defeat you, making this a fairly punishing fight.

Speaking of which, we recommend the Iron Reaper of Merciless variant or higher for a melee build. For a ranged build, we recommend the Iron Crossbow of Merciless variant or higher. The Reaper is particularly useful, as you can throw it out at Angram the Purifier and still fight off any mutants that interfere in your battle in close quarters.

Also, if you are cornered, you can use the Reaper's secondary attack to knock away unwanted mutants, giving you a brief moment to recover. Likewise, the Iron Crossbow can cast a barrage of bolts behind Angram and his powerful Chaos Barrier. It also lets you keep moving after launching the barrage, meaning you can deal damage while still keeping your distance.

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Blood Type

Let's start with the Blood Types you'll need. We recommend using Scholar Blood with a Blood Quality of 80%+ to increase your spell damage and allow you to reset the cooldown of spells (for free recasts). This is exceptionally useful against Angram the Purifier in V Rising, as he is a rather large brawler, making it worth keeping your distance from him.

An equally solid Blood Type is a particular favorite of ours: Brute Blood with a Blood Quality of 50%+. This is because Angram the Purifier will call on many allies in the fight, giving you ample targets to Leech Life off of. The added sustain against Angram here can be a lifesaver and the difference between a clean win and a frustrating loss.

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Travel Abilities

Now let's discuss movement abilities against Angram the Purifier in V Rising. Because Angram is such a large boss placed in a relatively small and open arena, you will require enough mobility not to get cornered in a bad situation. Veil of Illusion (unlocked by defeating Maja the Dark Savant) is a great choice because it allows you to jump and then retreat to your starting position upon recasting it.

Your next attack after jumping will inflict Weaken on the enemy target you have struck. This debuff will reduce the damage output of those affected by 15% for 5 seconds, making this a powerful equalizer against Angram the Purifier in V Rising. Veil of Illusion will also summon an illusion in your place on the first jump that will shoot multiple projectiles. The best part is that these projectile attacks also inflict Weaken upon hitting nearby enemies.

Veil of Bones (unlocked by beating Bane the Shadowblade) is a great second option, as your next primary attack will deal 25% bonus damage and apply the Condemn debuff on the unlucky target struck by your attack. Condemn does the opposite of Weaken and amplifies damage received by 15% for 5 seconds, making it a great substitute by fulfilling the same purpose.

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Defensive Abilities

There are two standout abilities to defend yourself against Agram's assault. The first is Phantom Aegis, which offers a damage block equal to 200% of your spell power and inflicts the Weaken debuff on enemies in an AOE. Additionally, Phantom Aegis works well with Veil of Illusion, as it allows you to refresh the Weaken debuff on Angram the Purifier in V Rising.

Frost Barrier is our second choice here, as it offers great projectile and melee protection by inflicting 25% magic damage at the target location of the attack and applying Chill. This debuff will slow the movement speed of enemies. Also, if Chill is reapplied while an enemy is already under the effect of the debuff, they will be frozen. This is especially useful against the mutants that jump out of the nearby pools or Angram's henchmen.

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Offensive Abilities

Spectral Wolf is advised for the offensive because it inflicts Weaken and bounces to other targets, which means it Weakens Angram and his companions. Spectral Wolf proves even more useful when used with a full Illusion Build, as you can constantly keep the Weaken debuff active while dishing out damage on multiple units from afar.

Alternatively, you can use Death Knight. This summons a Death Knight at the target location that performs a powerful melee attack, dealing 130% magic damage to nearby enemies. This powerful ability also does a knockback effect and applies Condemn. Moreover, it deals 70% bonus damage on targets below 30% HP and can be cast behind Angram when he uses Chaos Barrier. Coupling this with Veil of Bones keeps Condemn on Angram longer.

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Battle Strategy

Now let's go over how to beat Angram the Purifier in V Rising. Firstly Angram will start the fight by launching some slow-moving Chaos projectiles that leave Chaos Fire on the ground. Stepping in the Chaos Fire or being hit by the projectiles will apply Ignite, dealing damage over time. Regardless, this part of the fight is easy: jump past Angram or kite his attacks.

In the next part of the fight, Angram the Purifier will summon his Chaos Barrier. Do not attack him while this shield is up, as you will have Ignite inflicted onto you. Also, your damage will be returned to you in the form of tremendous amounts of Chaos magic projectiles. So instead, use Veil of Bones or Illusion and get behind Angram the Purifier to strike him from the rear.

You can use your Death Knight by placing it behind Angram to deal damage. However, the boss will also attempt to hit you with strong melee attacks that stun you. When he does this, use your Frost Barrier to counter the attack and continue to wear him down. At this point, Angram will summon his Chaos Barrier (albeit inverted), protecting him from behind. But continue to attack whichever side is exposed while blocking his melee attacks and dodging his Chaos Barrage.

V Rising: Angram The Purifier Rewards

You will receive the following rewards for beating Angram the Purifier in V Rising: Chaos Barrier (Chaos Ability), Mutated Rat (Unit), Major Explosives (Consumable), and Irradiant Gruel (Resource).

  • Chaos Barrier: Block melee and projectile attacks in front of you for 2s. Blocking an attack launches a projectile toward the attacker dealing 50% damage, pulling the target toward you, and inflicting Ignite. Chaos Barrier can be recast during the effect to launch a chaos projectile.
  • Mutated Rat: A unit that yields Mutant Grease, a crafting material used to make Pristine Leather and Spiderlings at the Tannery and Vermin Nest, respectively.
  • Major Explosives: A box full of explosives should be handled with care. It can destroy Massive Resource Veins, Walls, and Doors. More powerful against castle walls.
  • Irradiant Gruel: A brew with blood-mutating effects. Feed it to prisoners to boost Blood Quality. Note that it also has a chance to turn the prisoner into a mutant.

Angram the Purifier's V Blood description reads:

A dedicated servant of the Trancendum, Angram was an exterminator that possessed a natural cruelty and resilence unmatched by any of his peers. Like any good soldier, he gave his life for his cause... or tried to, anyway. Doctor Henry Blackbrew could not let such an asset go to waste and brought him back to life with a brutal surgery few other beings could survive. Angram lives now, at the mere cost of every last scrap of his humanity.


And that's everything you need to know about how to beat Angram the Purifier in V Rising. But why stop there? Did you know we have an expansive library of in-depth V Rising boss guides? Yep! No kidding. Learn how to beat baddies like Gorecrusher the Behemoth, The Winged Horror, and Solarus the Immaculate right now!