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V Rising Beatrice the Tailor boss guide – How to beat and unlock Human Form

The Human Form is the most powerful Vampire Ability that can be acquired by beating Beatrice the Tailor in V Rising.
V Rising Beatrice the Tailor boss guide – How to beat and unlock Human Form

V Rising has six Vampire Power forms that grant players various abilities and buffs when activated. These range from health regeneration, traversal speed boosts, and increasing a menu of resistances that can enhance your combat skills.

Since they have no cooldown period when utilized, they retain your ability to interact with the environments and important human NPCs. This guide explains where to find and defeat Beatrice the Tailor and unlock the Human Form in V Rising.

How to beat Beatrice the Tailor boss in V Rising

Possibly one of the sweetest looking bosses in V Rising, Beatrice the Tailor, is a Level 38 V-Blood carrier boss who can be found in Dawnbreak Village southeast of Dunley Farmlands. As the only boss with an exact location, she can be seen somewhere within the village sporting a pink dress and a white apron.

v rising boss guide beatrice the tailor vardoran world map dunley farmlands dawnbreak village
Beatrice the Tailor is found roaming Dawnbreak Village in the Dunely Farmlands. (Picture: YouTube / Game Guides Channel)

You should not be deceived by Beatrice the Tailor's appearance as she is one of the more challenging V Bosses to defeat. Once you have found her, she'll start fleeing from you, alerting residents to your presence and drawing the attention of guards and other villagers.

The best strategy to kill Beatrice the Tailor is to chase after her while ignoring the guards that follow and deal as much damage as possible when close. If the hordes of guards are too much to handle, quickly dispatch them before pursuing her again.

You can use melee weapons and the Chaos Volley ability to deal chip damage, which is vital in defeating Beatrice. Then, when her HP is low enough, you can drain her blood and gain her abilities. It is best to prioritize clearing any guards while dealing damage, as they will prevent you from consuming her blood.

How to unlock the Human Form in V Rising?

Once you have brought Beatrice the Tailor's health low enough, ensuring that you don't kill her, you can feed on her blood to gain her abilities and other reward drops. Some drops include blueprints for various curtains and a Loom, which you can use to produce Cotton Yarn.

v rising boss guide beatrice the tailor blood altar track blood boss drops
Track Beatrice the Tailor using the Blood Altar and defeat her to acquire various boss rewards

Additionally, you can unlock various recipes for Hunter's Cloak, Cloth, and Cotton Yarn. However, the most important reward you can acquire from Beatrice the Tailor is the Human Form.

Using this form gains you the ability to cloak as a Human, which is extremely useful when roaming around human settlements. This will prevent you from getting attacked by bandits and soldiers, plus there's a bonus of accessing merchant NPCs in these settlements.

v rising boss guide beatrice the tailor extract v blood human form
Deplete Beatrice the Tailor's health before extracting her blood to acquire the Human Form. (Picture: YouTube / Game Guides Channel)

Unfortunately, the downside is that "the strong-willed can see through your disguise," which is worth keeping in mind. Lastly, using the Human Form will increase your "blood consumption rate," so you'll need to feed on more blood when in this form.

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