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V Rising Mairwyn The Elementalist: How To Beat, Location & Rewards

Looking to find and beat Mairwyn The Elementalist in V Rising? Learn her location, rewards, and strategy to defeat her right here.
V Rising Mairwyn The Elementalist: How To Beat, Location & Rewards

Mairwyn The Elementalist is a formidable V Blood Carrier in V Rising and shows no mercy to those that wish to challenge her. So it's only natural that many players want to know how to beat her. This guide will show you exactly where to find Mairwyn the Elementalist in V Rising, including a detailed look into the strategy you'll need to overcome her. We will also cover all the rewards that come with beating Mairwyn The Elementalist. So prepare for a fierce and firey battle against this elemental beast in V Rising.

Update on 18 May 2023: We're in the process of updating all our V Rising guides to reflect the changes in the Gloomrot update, starting with the boss guides. In most cases, the guides are still accurate, with the exception of the boss' levels, rewards, and a few spells.

V Rising: Mairwyn The Elementalist Location


Mairwyn the Elementalist in V Rising will require you to enter the Silverlight Hills biome of V Rising. You can do so by going through the top of the Farbane Woods or the top of the Dunley Farmlands. Once in Silverlight Hills, head to the bottom right of the map to Emberleaf Grove. This is where you will find Mairwyn the Elementalist.

Silverlight Hills is littered with patrolling soldiers, including devastating Riflemen and Clerics, waiting to take you down. As a result, entering from the Fairbane Woods is the recommended approach, offering the safest and fastest route for first-time encounters. For frequent visits, we suggest setting up a base or unlocking the Vampire Waygate at the top of the area.

V Rising: How To Beat Mairwyn The Elementalist

Defeating Mairwyn the Elementalist in V Rising is no small feat. She is a Level 64 boss, in which case having a Gear Score of 59 or higher is recommended. She has a fairly large arena with little to no cover, so it will be up to you to evade and block everything she throws at you. Mairwyn the Elementalist is primarily a ranged spellcaster and can harness the power of multiple elements of magic to aid her, including spells from the Fire, Ice, and Chaos schools.

Mairwind_The_Elementalist__5.png (1

She usually starts the fight by summoning a fire totem that will shoot multiple fire projectiles like a sprinkler. You can dodge this attack fairly easily by rotating in a circular motion with the totem. The next attack is a set of three Ice Volley attacks, which she shoots out in rapid succession. A good strategy here is to use Ward of the Damned to block the attacks and spawn skeletons to attack her. Alternatively, you can use Chaos Barrier to reflect the projectiles at her. Note: You can use these defensive barriers when she shoots the fire projectiles.

Things will become much harder once Mairwyn the Elementalist enters the next phase of the battle. In particular, she will make copies of herself that can cast the same spells as herself. The clones are much weaker: they have reduced HP and take amplified incoming damage; however, their outgoing damage is the same as the original Elementalist. That being said, you should eliminate the clones as quickly as possible.

Mairwind_The_Elementalist__6.png (1

Mairwyn will also summon a giant fireball that will shoot many smaller fireballs at you. If the fire hits you, it will not only deal considerable damage but will do tick damage per second for a short time. In this regard, you should try to evade the ball using either the Veil of Blood or the Veil of Illusion Travel Abilities. Crafting a Fire Resistance Brew at the Alchemy Table is also recommended to mitigate any potential damage taken. At this point, you should try to wrap up the fight. There is a brief moment when Mairwyn does not attack, so use that time to finish her off fast.

Considering the above, we suggest not fighting during the daytime since you must move around quite a bit. There's also not much cover from the sun. Another thing to note is that Mairwyn's Ice attacks can freeze you in the sun, making it a particularly dangerous endeavor. Regarding the suggested Blood Type, we recommend using Scholar Blood of 60% to amplify your spell power. Creature blood above 40% is also good against her, as it gives you the required speed to dodge her moveset while preserving your Travel Ability.

V Rising: Mairwyn The Elementalist Rewards


Upon Defeating Mairwyn the Elementalist in V Rising, you will receive these rewards: Crystal Lance ability and the recipe for Imperial Thread. In addition, you will receive Gold Jewelry as a drop and an Unsullied Heart.

Crystal Lance

Crystal Lance is an extremely powerful ice ability that deals 190% magic damage and inflicts the negative debuff: Chill. If the enemy were already under the effect of Chill before the attack, they would be frozen for 4 seconds. This makes Crystal Lance incredibly effective in conjunction with any other ice ability, as all ice abilities can inflict the Chill debuff on enemies if applied correctly. Landing Crystal Lance will also cause it to splinter, sending out Frost Novas that deals 40% magic damage in an AOE. These splinter attacks also inflict Chill on enemies or freeze those already under the effect of Chill.

Imperial Thread

The Imperial Thread recipe is your second reward after defeating Mairwyn the Elementalist. This is also incredibly important as Imperial Thread is what you will need to make and repair the high-level Bloodmoon Battlegear. You also need Imperial Thread to craft the Sanguine Crossbow Finally, PVP fights will involve you damaging your gear, in which case you will need to build up a collection of Imperial Thread to repair them. And that's it. We hope you enjoyed this guide on Mairwyn the Elementalist in V Rising.

All featured images in this guide are courtesy of GINX / Tristan Wilkins and Stunlock Studios.

V Rising Mairwyn The Elementalist: How To Beat, Location & Rewards FAQ

Where can I find Mairwyn the Elementalist in V Rising?

Mairwyn the Elementalist can be found in the Silverlight Hills biome of V Rising. Head to the bottom right of the map to Emberleaf Grove in Silverlight Hills to locate her.

What are the recommended strategies for defeating Mairwyn the Elementalist in V Rising?

When facing Mairwyn the Elementalist, it's crucial to dodge her fire projectiles by rotating around her fire totem. For her Ice Volley attacks, use defensive spells like Ward of the Damned or Chaos Barrier to block or reflect the projectiles. Eliminate her clones quickly when she summons them, and evade the giant fireball by using Travel Abilities like Veil of Blood or Veil of Illusion.

What rewards do I get for defeating Mairwyn the Elementalist in V Rising?

Defeating Mairwyn the Elementalist in V Rising rewards you with the Crystal Lance ability, which deals powerful ice damage and inflicts the Chill debuff. You will also receive the recipe for Imperial Thread, an essential material for crafting and repairing high-level gear in V Rising.