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V Rising Nightmarshal Styx boss guide – How to unlock Bat Form

The Bat Form is one of many essential abilities you can acquire by defeating a legendary vampire. Here's how to get it in V Rising.
V Rising Nightmarshal Styx boss guide – How to unlock Bat Form

V Rising has an array of vampiric and magical abilities that you can obtain during your progression in Vardoran. These abilities can alter various stats, including health regeneration, resistances, and how much damage you’ll take, allowing you to traverse more effectively through increased movement speed or shapeshifting.

The Bat Form is one of the more popular forms you can acquire in-game, but you’ll have to overpower a legendary vampire to gain this ability. This guide details how to unlock the Bat Form and defeat the Nightmarshal Styx boss in V Rising.

How to unlock the Bat Form in V Rising?

The Bat Form is one of ten vampire abilities you can obtain by defeating V Blood carriers in V Rising. To cast or transform into a bat, you must remain still for the transformation to be successful.

v rising boss guide nightmarshal styx the sunderer bat form vampire ability nighttime travel
While you're prone to get burnt by the sun when in Bat Form, it's best to use it at night. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

This ability allows you to transform into a bat and scale high areas, covering great distances, with some limitations. However, the bat form has its drawbacks, including being susceptible to sun damage if flying during the day.

The ability requires an area landing area to transform back into your vampire body, and you won’t be able to use this ability while carrying items. To unlock the Bat Form tasks, you with defeat one of the most challenging bosses, Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer in the Cursed Forest.

How to defeat the Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer in V Rising?

v rising boss guide nightmarshal styx the sunderer bat form boss location cursed forest
Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer can be found roaming along the coast of the Cursed Forest. (Picture: YouTube / Strange Religion)

Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer is one of the many bosses you can defeat to acquire a vampire ability. Tracking this boss is simple to do by accessing the Blood Altar before scrolling down to find the boss.

Nightmarshal Styx is a Level 76 boss, meaning that this boss battle isn’t an easy fight by any means. Upgrading your gear score is necessary as this boss is a legendary vampire from Dracula’s era that possesses highly punishing attacks.

v rising boss guide nightmarshal styx the sunderer bat form boss battle movesets defeat
To defeat Nightmarshal Styx, the Sunderer, learn his movesets and avoid his ranged and charged attacks. (Picture: YouTube / Strange Religion)

It’s essential to learn the boss’ moveset as it can determine whether you’ll be able to defeat him or not. He always uses ranged attacks to chip away as much of your HP as possible and can dart across the area to avoid incoming attacks.

Additionally, he’ll summon Armored Skeletons to distract you and deplete your health before performing a sneak attack. Watch out for flaming discs and charged attacks which can be highly lethal if you don’t evade in time or have very low health.

You would have successfully defeated this boss if you managed to avoid his attacks while inflicting enough damage to deplete his HP completely. He’ll drop the Bat Form vampire ability as your reward, which will benefit you when progressing through the endgame content.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.