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How to salvage items in V Rising

You'll need to acquire the Devourer blueprint before you can salvage items in V Rising. Here's how to get it.
How to salvage items in V Rising

As your vampire empire grows stronger in V Rising, you will notice an accumulation of gear and weapons you no longer need. Some of these items can be salvaged, meaning the items can be dismantled into raw materials for crafting or building.

However, before you can do this, you'll first need to obtain the Devourer blueprint by defeating one of the game's Blood Carriers, Lidia the Chaos Archer. This guide will explain where you find this boss and how to salvage items with the Devourer in V Rising.

How to salvage items using the Devourer in V Rising

v rising guide salvaging how to salvage items devourer chest
To salvage items in V Rising, you'll need to craft the Devourer Chest. (Picture: YouTube / StudioLoot)

To dismantle your unwanted items, you'll need to have a chest called the Devourer. This chest is available from the Build menu and can be crafted using 12 Wooden Planks and six Copper Ingots; however, you'll need to have the blueprint for the chest.

You can obtain the blueprint by defeating a Field Boss, Lidia the Chaos Archer, located in the Farbane Woods. You can track this boss using the Blood Altar, but you need to upgrade your gear score to Level 26 or higher.

Once you've defeated the boss, you can build the Devourer chest, which is found below the Refinement tab within the Production category of the Build menu. After placing the chest in your Castle, interact with it by adding items you want to salvage into the input slot. Then, wait for the salvaging process to complete.

Once the process is complete, you can collect the items from the output slots, which you can later use towards creating resources to reinforce your Castle, build more furnishings or upgrade your gear and weapons. It's worth mentioning that not all items can be salvaged.

Where to find Lidia the Chaos Archer in V Rising?

Lidia, the Chaos Archer, is one of the many Blood Carriers you can track down and defeat in V Rising. Better still, defeating each earns you valuable rewards. Fortunately, killing Lidia the Chaos Archer is relatively simple.

v rising gude salvaging how to salvage items lidia the chaos archer boss gear score level devourer bleuprint
Use the Blood Altar to track down Lidia the Chaos Archer somewhere in the Farbane Woods. (Picture: YouTube / Game Guides Channel)

Open your Blood Alter to begin tracking Lidia. Once you have done this, you'll need to follow her blood trail to her location in the Farbane Woods.

Lidia is a Level 26 boss, and you'll need to upgrade your gear score to match the boss' level before you can attempt to defeat her. Going into this boss battle requires you to have plenty of health revive items, like the Vermin Salves, and the Nightstalker gear may be helpful during this battle.

This boss will inflict plenty of fire damage, and her range of archery attacks can be deadly if you're not paying attention. Additionally, she can deal with AoE damage if her health is relatively low, so you'll need to avoid that to defeat her.

Once you've successfully defeated Lidia the Chaos Archer and extracted her V blood, you can obtain the Chaos Volley power and the Devourer blueprint.

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