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V Rising Castle guide – How to build, best locations and more

Establishing your Castle comes with many deciding factors. Here's how to build it, the best locations, and other building tips in V Rising.
V Rising Castle guide – How to build, best locations and more

In V Rising, establishing your Castle is one of the best ways to ensure your survival and protect yourself from the dangers beyond its walls. Unfortunately, building a reinforced base can be pretty tedious, as completing the build requires substantial materials and strategy to avoid enemy raids.

Nevertheless building a Castle is a necessary step, but there are a few tricks you can implement to build a strong and safe base. This guide details how to build a Castle, the best locations, and other general building tips for success in V Rising.

How to build a Castle in V Rising?

Before building a Castle, you'll need to set up the Castle Heart on your property. The Castle Heart is one of the most critical mechanics as it serves as the power source and indicates your castle boundaries, which can be done using borders.

v rising castle guide building castle heart power source blood essence
Before building your Castle, you'll need to have a Castle Heart placed on your property as it acts as a power source for your base. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

With the Castle Heart built and the boundaries established, it's time to focus on other building elements by accessing the Build menu, including the Castle Roof, Floors, Castle Gates, and other lovely furnishings.

As you progress throughout V Rising, you'll be able to unlock additional furnishings like Crafting Stations, decorations, and blueprints for resources like Whetstones, Leather, Fishing Poles, and more. The Crafting Stations need to be placed on your Castle boundaries, as close to the Castle Heart, so long as you have Blood Essence to power it.

As your Castle becomes fully operational, you can begin reinforcing the walls to prevent powerful enemies or other players from storming it. However, remember that it takes valuable resources like Stone Bricks, Whetstones, Wooden Planks, and Blood Essence to fortify the walls, roofs, and floors, especially if you have multiple rooms within your Castle.

Best locations to build a Castle in V Rising

When deciding where to establish your Castle base, there are many deciding factors to consider, such as access to essential resources and materials, NPCs to convert to Servants, and bandit camps. Playing on a public server will limit you from selecting an excellent location to build a Castle than playing on a private server, so do keep that in mind.

A few locations on the World Map provide you with the resources and materials needed to keep your Castle thriving. These locations are especially great during the game's early stages and can be used for public and private servers to quickly establish your Castle.

  • Dunley Farmlands: This is great for Level 20 - 50 players and is a more central location to build its proximity to the Farbane Woods.
  • Silverlight Hills: This location has the best farming locations, including mines, which can benefit the endgame stages.
  • Cursed Forest: This is a great isolated location for players who wish to steer clear of overpopulated areas, making it ideal for building a castle quickly and without interruptions.

When selecting a location to start building your Castle base, it must be as important as access to resources and materials. While you'll not be able to build one in the best locations, plenty of spots are still available.

v rising castle guide building best locations building tips high altitude areas mines resources materials
Building your Castle in high altitude locations can prevent enemies and players from trying to raid you. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

Building your Castle in high altitude locations or near mines will allow you access to various mines where you can farm materials. This lets you strengthen your gear and weapons reasonably early in the game, ensuring your survival for the late-game stages.

Additionally, adding gates will prevent enemies and other players from gaining access to your Castle when playing on PvE or PvP servers. While you can let other players enter your Castle, they can also destroy your gates using explosives; however, you'll first need to create a pathway or entrance to build a gate.

You can also use Servants to protect the inside of the Castle walls when patrolling the grounds. If you feel like your Castle may be under threat from the Castle Throne, you can summon them to patrol the grounds, as long you've equipped gear and weapons to protect them from enemies and other players.

It's also for this exact reason, when playing on PvP servers, to set up your Castle where high-level enemies spawn. These enemies can prevent lower-leveled enemies and players from trying to gain access to your Castle or, at least, attempting to destroy it.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Games.