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Best weapons in COD Mobile Season 6 - the strongest and most broken guns

COD Mobile Season 6 The Heat has arrived and it's bringing the heat! You are probably wondering which COD Mobile weapon is the best gun to use in Season 6? If you want the best meta guns, these are the top weapons in COD Mobile for every class in the game.
COD: Mobile Season 6 is here and it comes packed with new and exciting content.

Season 6 marks the return of zombies with a Tower Defense-like mode, Undead Siege, the new functional weapon, MX9 SMG, the Swarm scorestreak, and much more.

Of course, competitive players are the most interested in Season 6 weapon balance changes and how will that affect the current COD: Mobile meta, as they want to be ahead of the competition and adapt early to the changes in order to dominate their games.

Unlike with the previous two seasonal updates, where the big focus was on the SMG class, this time around developers fine-tuned several weapons across different classes.

Two assault rifles, the DR-H and the AK-117 have received a series of buffs both for the weapons themselves and for the attachments.

The Striker shotgun has also received a set of buffs: Increased Damage Range, reload speed, and slightly increased ADS Bullet Spread, which on paper look like some really potent changes, but how it actually reflects in gunplay?

Finally, the already strong MK2 Carbine now has an even better head damage multiplier.

With these changes, as well as with everything else new taken into consideration, what are the best weapons to use in COD: Mobile Season 6?

Let's check out!

Best Assault Rifle: AK-117

Best weapons in COD Mobile Season 6 - the strongest and most broken guns
(Picture: Activision)

The AK-117 is rightfully taking the throne in the Assault Rifle class, as the devs have brought a series of buffs for the weapon in this season.

Depending on which attachments you are choosing, the AK-117 will now have significantly decreased vertical and horizontal recoil, ADS time, and reload time. This brings the already great gun to the very top of our assault rifle tier list.

The best thing with the AK-117 is the weapon's versatility, as it offers reliable damage and accuracy in mid-range combats, while it can be quite deadly in close-quarter encounters, acting almost like an SMG. And an all-around great pick!

Best SMG: Razorback

Best weapons in COD Mobile Season 6 - the strongest and most broken guns
(Picture: Activision)

In Season 5, we had some of the biggest changes within the SMG class, as the all-powerful QXR saw several severe nerfs, which resulted in the Razorback becoming the best SMG in COD: Mobile.

And things remain roughly the same in Season 6, Razorback still offers everything a player wants from a good SMG. With its very high damage and a solid rate of fire, it is a perfect choice for close-range combat.

Best Sniper/Marksman rifle: MK2 Carbine

Best weapons in COD Mobile Season 6 - the strongest and most broken guns
(Picture: Activision)

To our big surprise, the MK2 Carbine actually received a few decent buffs with the Season 6 balance update.

This marksman rifle was already one of the strongest mid-range guns in the game, and now it's getting consolidated in that position.

It is by far the best gun for those of you who are confident in your aiming skills. With its crazy damage and solid range, it can kill anyone from anywhere with just a single bullet. When you add the weapon's reliable accuracy to the mix, you get the ultimate mid-range weapon in COD: Mobile.

Best light-machine gun: Chopper

Best weapons in COD Mobile Season 6 - the strongest and most broken guns
(Picture: Activision)

The UL-736 was our choice for the best LMG in the previous season, but this time around we are giving the edge to the Chopper.

The Chopper has high damage, a very fast fire rate, and reliable accuracy, while also boasting a relatively low recoil.

It can be tricky to use as it will slow you down, but if you have great map awareness and a good sense for proper positioning, you will never get caught unprepared and you will be able to use this beast to its full potential.

Best shotgun: KRM-262

Best weapons in COD Mobile Season 6 - the strongest and most broken guns
(Picture: Activision)

Despite some great buffs for the Striker, our opinion remains that the  KRM-262 is still the best weapon in this class.

The KRM-262 has been the best COD: Mobile shotgun for several seasons now, and things are not going to change in Season 6. The weapon provides a lot of adaptability for a class that usually force you into a very specific playstyle, and that's why the KRM-262 still remains popular and keeps the title of the best shotgun in COD: Mobile Season 6.

And there you have it, the best COD: Mobile Season 6 weapons for all the main classes in the game!


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