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Elden Ring Irina NPC guide – Location, questline and more

Castle Morne has a tragic questline requiring the Grafted Blade Greatsword to complete. Here's how to complete Irina's questline in Elden Ring.
Elden Ring Irina NPC guide – Location, questline and more

Elden Ring's NPCs often provide interesting questlines and items that can aid the tarnished One in their journey to becoming the next Elden Lord. While not all these questlines are easy to find or complete, they come with unique rewards and loot drops that can be acquired from enemies and bosses.

Irina is one of the many NPCs players can find in the sprawling region of the Weeping Peninsula, which completing it will reward you with a mighty weapon. This guide details where to find this NPC and how to complete her questline in Elden Ring.

Where to find Irina in Elden Ring?

Irina is a quest NPC players can find when exploring the Weeping Peninsula region just after locating the Bridge of Sacrifice Site of Grace. You'll need to return to the region's main road, where you'll find a blind woman sitting atop a rock with a small light burning nearby.

elden ring guide irina npc questline bridge of sacrifice site of grace map location weeping peninsula
Irina can be found in the Weeping Peninsula near the Bridge of Sacrifice Site of Grace. (Picture: YouTube / Fextralife)

She begins her dialogue, sharing with the Tarnished One that she had escaped the rebellion that sieged Castle Morne, south of the current location. She revealed that the castle's servants started the rebellion and that due to her failing eyesight, she can't determine the source of the howling sounds she hears.

As the dialogue progresses, she explains to the Tarnished One that her father remains at Castle Morne, where he had her escorted away for her safety. Irina expresses concerns for her father's safety at the castle; she asks to hand-deliver a letter addressed to her father, a commander at Castle Morne.

elden ring guide irina npc questline irinas letter deliver father commander castle morne
Irina will request to hand-deliver her letter to her father, a Commander stationed at Castle Morne. (Picture: YouTube / Fextralife)

Accepting Irina's request will start her questline, in which you'll need to explore the grounds and make your way through enemies residing at the castle. Additionally, this questline involves the Grafted Blade Greatsword, which the weapon is one of the game's many Easter Eggs, paying homage to Game of Thrones.

How to complete the Irina questline in Elden Ring?

After players have located Irina and exhausted her dialogue, her questline will begin, and you need to make your way to Castle Morne. As mentioned earlier, Castle Morne is located south of the Bridge of Sacrifice, and once you've arrived, you'll be able to find the Castle Morne Lift Site of Grace at the entrance.

elden ring guide irina npc questline castle morne location castle morne lift site of grace
Locate the Castle Morne Lift Site of Grace and take the lift to reach the castle grounds. (Picture: YouTube / Fextralife)

Using the lift beyond the Castle Morne Lift Site of Grace, which will take you to a courtyard, cross the field of bodies and a handful of enemies, including the Mad Pumpkin Head boss. Beyond the area and pass the castle archway, head right up the stairs until you've located a ladder resting along the wall to the right.

Climb up the ladder to reach the castle rooftop and head right where you'll have to avoid more enemies along the bridge before dropping down left of the bridge. Cross the bridge until you've reached a platform with a staircase resting beside a castle tower.

elden ring guide irina npc questline castle morne irinas father commander edgar tower
Locate a tower west on the Castle Morne grounds to find Irina's father, Commander Edgar. (Picture: YouTube / Fextralife)

Take this staircase to reach the tower's rooftop, and you'll find Irina's father, Commander Edgar, sitting on a bench against the wall. He'll try to chase you away before a prompt appears where you can hand him Irina's letter, and he'll thank you for the selfless act.

Indebted to you, he stated that he couldn't leave Castle Morne, even if it should fall as it's his duty. He'll also mention that a "treasured sword of Morne" is the reason for his presence as it can't "fall into the wrong hands".

elden ring guide irina npc questline castle morne irinas father commander edgar duty grafted blade greatsword sword of morne
Although he can't leave Castle Morne, Commande Edgar drops a clue about a "treasured sword of Morne" being the reason for his stay. (Picture: YouTube / Fextralife)

Exhaust all his dialogue where he'll ask you to send her a message that he'll return to her side once he has "fulfilled his duty" at the castle. As it doesn't explicitly say what to do next, he does provide a clue, the "treasured sword of Morne", which you'll need to locate somewhere within the castle grounds.

You'll later find out that the "treasured sword of Morne" is the Grafted Blade Greatsword or Sword of Morne, which you'll need to defeat the Field Boss, Leonine Misbegotten, found near the Beside the Rampart Gaol Site of Grace. Head back the same way by crossing the bridge before jumping over the wall left of the tower to find the Behind the Castle Site of Grace.

elden ring guide irina npc questline castle morne behind the castle site of grace grafted blade greatsword sword of morne
From Commander Edgar's location, head to the opposite side to locate another SIte of grace. (Picture: YouTube / Fextralife)

From here, drop down onto the cliffs below before going towards the edge on the left, where dropping down onto the wooden platform is a corpse holding a Stonesword Key. Make your way across the bridge, where you'll need to jump onto a tower rooftop left of the bridge.

You'll need to proceed with caution for the next steps, as you can lose some HP or potentially die if you drop down with no platform beneath you. From the rooftop, jump off from the left side onto the cliffs behind a large tree to reach a tower with a gaping entrance.

elden ring guide irina npc questline castle morne behind the rampart gaol site of grace location grafted blade greatsword sword of morne
Locating the Behind the Rampart Gaol Site of Grace is a precarious mission involving hordes of enemies and platform jumping. (Picture: YouTube / Fextralife)

Traverse carefully onto the wooden beams going down until you've located the tower's entrance, where if you head left and around the building, you'll find the Beside the Rampart Gaol Site of Grace. From the Site, locate the wooden bridge nearby where you can see a Boss arena in the distance to the left along the coast.

There's a ladder you can take down and cross the shoreline to reach the Boss arena. We have previously explained how to defeat the Leonine Misbegotten boss, which you can acquire the Grafted Blade Greatsword.

elden ring guide irina npc questline castle morne leonine misbegotten boss grafted blade greatsword sword of morne
The Leonine Misbegotten boss arena is along the coastline near Castle Morne. (Picture: YouTube / 100% Guides)

Once defeated, return to Irina's father at the exact location you first met him, where you can travel to the Castle Morne Lift Site of Grace to start backtracking your steps. Speaking with him once more, he'll thank you for finding and keeping the sword away from the "wrong hands" and will set off to see Irina at once.

If you return to the Bridge of Sacrifice Site of Grace, you'll find him where you first met Irina; however, it would be too little too late. You'll find him grieving near the body of Irina with a giant sword beside her as he vows to seek vengeance against those responsible for his daughter's death.

Exhaust the last bit of dialogue to complete Irina's questline in which you can proceed exploring the weeping Peninsula or revisit Castle Morne. You can find Irina's father much later in the game when exploring the south-west area of Lirunia of the Lakes, near Revenger's Shack.

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