5 games that should add a battle royale mode

5 games that should add a battle royale mode

The battle royale genre has become the go-to standard for millions of gamers worldwide. Thanks largely in part to the incredible success of Epic Games' Fortnite: Battle Royale, and more recently bolstered by Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends, BR is an itch that everyone wants to scratch, and developers are dashing to get on the wave. However, not everyone has pushed themselves into battle royale unfortunately. Below are the titles or worlds I think would be most exciting or best suited to a battle royale mode.



With the battle royale wave in full swing, Halo is one of the titles that fans have claimed would be most suited to a BR environment. The nature of the game (at least in the early days of Halo), with slower movement and a high time-to-kill, seems fitting for such a title. Though 343's Jeff Easterling has stated that "the only BR we're really interested in is Battle Rifle", it's hard to believe that creating a Halo BR hasn't crossed their minds at least once, especially with their popularity being such a polar opposite to the downward trajectory of the Halo franchise in recent years. That said, we'll continue to hold out hope; even with Halo: Infinite on the horizon, Halo BR may be the franchise's best shot at redemption yet.



Pokemon almost seems like an obvious choice. It could operate similar to Apex Legends, with players able to select certain Pokemon that have specific abilities. Obviously you couldn't fit in every Pokemon, with that figure now at over 800 different beasts, but a small selection that grows over time may be a good option. These could be tactical decisions, if you look at it on a competitive level. Maybe you main Blastoise and land Sootopolis City, but an opponent who mains Torterra starts challenging your drop because you get a lot of good TMs there. What do you do in a tournament setting? You either change drop or you practice with Infernape to counter the Torterra. This game would focus a lot on team dynamics; with elemental strengths and weaknesses playing such a big part in the fundamentals of Pokémon, a solo Alakazam is automatically at a terrible disadvantage when coming up against an Umbreon with a nasty Bite. But if you're playing as a team of 4? Use Barrier to throw your shield up whilst your Lucario teammate hits them with some fighting hands.

Super Mario


Similar to Pokémon, this could be a pretty fun one in the same vein as Fortnite, with colours and silly anecdotes abound. Players could pick up Koopa shells (maybe green shells have a lower damage rating than red to offer some contrast), a Fire Flower or a banana to attack opponents. They could use Super Mario Sunshine's F.L.U.D.D, a Piranha Pipe or a well-placed Red Fire kart to traverse quicker across the map. With so much depth in Super Mario's world, the possibilities really are endless here. I'd pay for it.

Marvel vs. Capcom


Or any fighting game, really. The depth of the character's ultimates and unique abilities, drawn in from the characters developed by comic book writers and blockbuster films alike. Being able to play as Spiderman or Ryu, as Chun-li or Captain America, in a 100-person battle royale would simply be so cool, for lack of a better term. There are obvious issues, though. there aren't really any pickup items in Marvel vs. Capcom, nothing to separate one player from another, no weapons or abilities that could just be picked up off the floor, and this would have to be thought-out and developed to create a proper battle royale experience.

Assassin's Creed


At times, Assassin's Creed already feels like a battle royale game. You know those moments when you're sneaking amongst the Knights Templar, trying to find the best way to attack without dying and keeping yourself in the most advantageous position? Yeah, that but for 20 minutes. It could be the most tense battle royale yet, especially for a game so reliant on close-quarters combat, but the weapon options are many and varied and so can support different styles of play. The hidden blade could be lower damage but perfect for a stealthy attack on a teammate, whilst the bow and arrow is better for getting kills at range. Alternatively, weild a Vorpal Kukri for a less-stealthy but higher-damage attack on nearby opponents. The fantastic architecture present across the entire Assassin's Creed franchise would make for a great battle royale mode that stays true to the gameplay, environment and overall feel of Assassin's Creed. Of course, there are plenty of concepts I've left out: Harry Potter would be great but doesn't quite fall enough into the "game" category, Grand Theft Auto would be cool but maybe a little too 'standard', and Kingdom Hearts wouldn't even need justifying. But let's get the above done first before we campaign for a Mickey Mouse battle royale.