How would BR streamers perform in real-life Battle Royale?

How would BR streamers perform in real-life Battle Royale?

The battle royale genre has taken over Twitch over the last few months. Starting with the rapid rise of H1Z1, to the more-refined PUBG and now with the phenomenon that is Epic Games' Fortnite, it seems people just can't get enough battle royale. But what if these streamers we have grown to love were suddenly thrust into a real-life battle royale, pitted against each other to find the ultimate battle royale streamer? Well, you're in luck, because that's exactly what I'm looking at here. For obvious reasons, I'll only look at the top ten. I can't even begin to imagine the amount of research I would need to do to pin down 100 of the top battle royale streamers and where they would finish.

10. Timthetatman Frankly, Tim would do well to make it to the top ten. As good as he is at battle royale games, I can't imagine this would transfer to a real-life battle royale. Tim is slightly too wild to come out on top in an event that would require the most meticulous eye to detail, and Tim is a man that does not take life too seriously. A real life battle royale isn't played for fun; it's played to the death. This is what would be his downfall.

9. Myth Myth is way too easily distracted, similar to timthetatman before him. If he sees a woman or Hamlinz on the battlefield, he's a goner. Concentration lost, he's an easy target for anybody he sees.

8. Dakotaz Myth's TSM teammate is a little less susceptible to distraction. In fact, concentration on the task at hand is probably his key strength. What Dakotaz lacks is the killer instinct, the ability to  make the final move. He's unlikely to kill anybody, and will only get so far in this battle royale through supreme stealth.

7. Pokimane The dark horse of our battle royale, Pokimane drops in at a very respectable seventh place. She may seem sweet and innocent at first glance, but there is no doubt in my mind that she is ruthless when it comes down to it. Ultimately Poki's size would prove her biggest downfall, coming up against monsters such as Dr. DisRespect and timthetatman enough to whittle her down. But don't be surprised when she viciously takes out your favourite streamer.

6. Shroud As a former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, Shroud knows a thing or two about killing people. That said, he enjoys memeing to a detrimental level. Catch him being taken out whilst doing an ironic dab or flossing atop a house.

5. Dr Lupo Dr Lupo is another surprise entrant this high on the list. He may not seem like a natural born killer but Lupo is calm, cold and calculated. A true psychopath. He also won a game of Fortnite whilst being swatted, proof that he is far more capable than the average eye is trained to see.

4. Ninja Yes, I know. "Oh but, but, he's Ninja, he's the BEST FORTNITE PLAYER IN THE WORLD, he can do anything of course he would win!" Wrong. Ninja is a great Fortnite player, aggressive and tactile. But he's not a savage. And to win a real-life battle royale, you have to be a complete savage. Whilst Ninja's pacing and logical thinking is usually sublime, he's known to cause his own losses more often than not, as opposed to assigning blame to his teammates or unbalanced weapons. That's what separates Ninja from the top three.

3. Tfue Ah, Tfue. A real savage. FaZe Clan's star player would place third in a real-life battle royale, his quick reactions and unerring decision making imperative in such an intense battle. A Florida native, he's no stranger to a struggle, probably taking down crocodiles in his spare time. Battle royale would be relatively easy for him.

2. Dr. DisRespect I mean, the name says it all. He is a doctor, and is disrespectful. He does not care about his opposition. He's the best to ever do it, the two time, a 6 foot 8 powerhouse that lives off three simple words: violence, speed and momentum. But who could take down a man of such stature?

1. Summit1G "Summit? But he's puny compared to the Doc," I hear you cry. And you're right. He is puny, and perhaps not the physical force you expect to see atop such a list. But only a true brute smashes their monitor. Not even Dr. DisRespect did that. Since that day, I knew the kind of man Summit1G could become. He's a real-life battle royale victor.