3 tips to succeed in the current Fortnite meta

3 tips to succeed in the current Fortnite meta
Epic Games’ Summer Skirmish series has been a solid insight into the potential of Fortnite esports. A new tournament format every week and frequent balance changes have not only tested the capacity in which Fortnite can be competitive, but also tested players’ ability to adapt to a shifting meta. The best pros are constantly adopting the strongest strategies and items in the game to stay on the top of the leaderboards. Here are three tips to succeed in the current Fortnite meta.

Metal is the new king of materials

Fortnite Metal edit

The most recent patch has crowned metal as the most important material in the game. Metal was buffed to 110 starting HP—10 HP higher than brick and 20 HP higher than wood. Additionally, metal finishes building with the highest maximum HP in the game at 400. Although metal is rare to find and slow to farm, building with it over wood or brick could be the difference between winning and losing an engagement. The changes to metal are making pros rethink the spots where they choose to land. Locations like Junk Junction, Greasy Grove, Risky Reels, shipping containers, RV park, and factories have seen a buff due to their high concentration of farmable metal objects. Pros trying to find an edge in scrims and tournaments are now looking to load up on as much metal as possible at the beginning of a match. Players who want to get the most out of the recent metal buffs should be aware of when to switch materials during a match. Remember to prioritise wood and then brick when building ramps for mobility around the map. Save your precious stack of metal for building bases or defending from enemy attacks.

SMGs are incredible against players and builds

Fortnite compact smg

SMGs are really strong right now. The Drum Gun and the Compact SMG find themselves in the load-outs of every pro because of their utility to melt enemy players and builds alike. Players now prefer to open up a close-range engagement with a shotgun blast followed by a quick swap to an SMG to finish the job. Additionally, SMG spray can be a great counter to any player trying to turtle with turbo building. In Duo and Squad modes, a coordinated attack of two teammates using SMGs is game-over for any player trying to out-build the gunfire. The blue Drum Gun is seen by many as the most powerful SMG, with the gold Compact SMG a close second. Most pros favour the Drum Gun due to its higher DPS output and large 50-round magazine. This means players can use the Drum Gun to apply more pressure for a longer period of time without having to reload. The Compact SMG has seen a few recent nerfs to its damage, range, and ammo capacity but it’s still a viable alternative to the Drum Gun. The Compact SMG is more accurate than the Drum at close range, so a player is more likely to land consistent shots with full-auto fire. The Compact SMG also utilises a different ammo pool than the assault rifles, which can be crucial when ammunition is sparse.

Clingers are the OP item no one is talking about

Fortnite clinger

In week four of the Summer Skirmish series, we saw a sequence where TSM_Hamlinz used multiple Clinger grenades to quickly dispatch Ninja, who had built himself into a 1x1 structure. Plays like this have been common throughout the Summer Skirmish series and it’s a showcase of how powerful Clingers can be when used correctly. When multiple Clingers are thrown onto a structure, the first Clinger detonating will break the wall, while the second Clinger simultaneously explodes. Both Clingers deal a combined 200 damage to the player or players inside, eliminating them instantly. There are few ways to counter a Clinger attack, and players are changing the way they build to prevent being eliminated. Smart players will build a 2x1 structure or bigger, to prevent from being caught inside the Clinger’s one-tile explosion radius. Players can also quick-edit out of a build to escape a Clinger explosion, but this should be seen as a last resort and is difficult to achieve. Adopting the strategies above will not make you a pro player, but it could give you an advantage over your competition. Reading patch notes and watching tournaments are great ways to quickly adapt to each new meta like the pros, and claim the Victory Royale. Good luck out there friends, I’ll see you on the Battlebus!