Airwaks and RL Grime beat Ninja, Tfue and more in Fortnite Pro-Am tournament

Airwaks and RL Grime beat Ninja, Tfue and more in Fortnite Pro-Am tournament

Karim “Airwaks” Benghalia and American trap music producer RL Grime have won Fortnite’s second annual Pro-Am tournament, beating the likes of Ninja & Marshawn Lynch and Tfue and Josh Hart at Fortnite's Summer Block Party.

Though Ninja won last year's celebrity Pro-Am alongside DJ Marshmello, he and his peers have quickly been overtaken by lesser-known names who are simply incredible pro Fortnite players, and Airwaks proved that to be the case in a pretty dominant way at the Pro-Am.

Full results via Epic Games

Airwaks and RL Grime won $1m dollars for a charity of their choice, with a total $3m being raised for charity from the prize pool.

Other notable teams from the event include FaZe's Jarvis "Jarvis" Kaye and teammate Meyers Leonard of the NBA, Jack "Courage" Dunlop and Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco and Muselk alongside the NFL's JuJu Smith-Schuster.

Credit: Los Angeles Times

The format was slightly different to what we are used to from competition, with points being shared for placement similarly, but not quite the same as, how points are earned in Fortnite's Arena mode.

Over the course of four duo matches, teams earned points by racking up eliminations and landing in the top 15 of each match. At the end of every round, points were awarded based on the following placements:

First place: 10 points
Second to fifth place: Seven points
Sixth to 10th place: Five points
11th to 15th place: Three points

As well as one point per elimination.

As usual, this meant we saw the top players fighting it out in increasingly small circles, tunnelling their way through the small space they have to maintain an advantage over their remaining opponents.


Here are the top placements after each game:

Game 1

1. RL Grime + Solary Airwaks [26 points]

2. Dillon Francis + Cloak [11]

3. Josh Hart + Tfue [10]

4. Aydan + Lost Kings [10]

5. Symfuhny + Jordan V.R. [10]

6. Lachlan + Cody Walker [10]

7. Taven Bryan + Leminics [9]

8. Nick eh 30 + Joey Bosa [8]

9. Meyers L + Jarvis [8]

10. Elly + Scarlet [8]

Game 2

1. Aydan + Lost Kings [35]

2. RL Grime + Solary Airwaks [26 points]

3. Buckefps + Kenneth F [20]

4. Lachlan + Cody Walker [20]

5. Nick eh 30 + Joey Bosa [19]

6. Tfue + Josh Hart [18]

7. Symfuhny + Jordan V.R. [17]

8. Taven Bryan + Leminics [16]

9. Dillon Francis + Cloak [16]

10. Lee Nguyen + Pow3r [15]

Game 3

1. RL Grime + Solary Airwaks [40 points]

2. Aydan + Lost Kings [35]

3. Buckefps + Kenneth F [30]

4. Meyers L + Jarvis [25]

5. Tfue + Josh Hart [23]

6. Kayuun + Nick S [23]

7. Typical Gamer + Jimmy O Yang [22]

8. Nick eh 30 + Joey Bosa [22]

9. Lachlan + Cody Walker [22]

10. Patriota + Kyla Drew [21]

Individual game 4 standings were not available, but you can tell from the above standings screenshot that Airwaks + RL Grime held their lead, Aydan + Lost Kings came close and Tfue + Josh Hart must have had a strong showing to move up a few places.

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