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FaZe Clan continue to expand their Fortnite roster

FaZe Clan is one of the biggest esports organisation in the world, as well as becoming a cultural phenomenon thanks to their presence on YouTube. They already house some of the greatest Fortnite players in the world, with names such as Turner "Tfue" Tenney and Dennis "Cloak" Lepore in their books, but in recent days they have continued to add even more names to their list of Fortnite players.

On April 23, the organisation announced the acquisition of UK-based controller player Jarvis, younger brother of long-term FaZe Clan member Kay.


Jarvis has shown he can compete with some of the best in scrims and tournaments, and will be looking to prove his worth with World Cup qualification in the coming weeks.

Just two days later, FaZe Clan announced the signing of five new Fortnite players to their ranks: controller players Spencer "Bini" Cherubini, Kolbe "Diggy" Cordon and Jonathan "Tilt" Derosa, as well as Manuel "Martoz" Martinez and Tom "Baldrich" Vorwenn.


FaZe Clan now has 15 Fortnite players under their banner and are looking to maximise their potential of not only qualifying but of winning at the Fortnite World Cup and bringing home some serious cash.