Here are the best weapons and equipment in Fortnite: Battle Royale

Here are the best weapons and equipment in Fortnite: Battle Royale
Epic Games are insistent on continuously updating and changing the core gameplay of Fortnite Battle Royale, from material nerfs to trap buffs to shotgun nerfs. For example, using two Pump Shotguns, also known as “Double Pump”, was incredibly overpowered a few months ago. Then they nerfed it by increasing the animation time, then it was brought back but not as powerful, and now they’ve nerfed it again to ensure that no shotgun can one-hit-kill a player with full health and shield. That leaves one burning question, though: right now, what are the best weapons and equipment you can carry? In no particular order, let us run through the top five.

SCAR (Epic or Legendary)

Fortnite Scar

Starting off with a classic, as the SCAR has been arguably the best and most versatile gun since the game began. It can be used at any range, the legendary version has a DPS of 198, and it reloads in just 2.1 seconds. If you find one at the start of the game you’re in prime position to have a high kill match, as it can contest almost any other weapon. The FAMAS may be a tempting offer if both are available, but other than a quicker fire rate, the SCAR outperforms it in every capacity.

Remote Explosive (also known as C4)

Fortnite Remote Explosive

When it first released, C4 was laughed at. Sure, it was a cool addition to the game but nobody in their right mind would be using it over standard grenades or a rocket/grenade launcher. Since then, though, Epic has buffed C4 twice. It now has a damage radius of 600, three times the amount it was introduced with. It will also now go through structures, instead of only damaging things in its line of sight, and you can carry 10 of them. People are sleeping on C4, but when four C4 strategically placed can take out the base of any single building in Tilted Towers, imagine the chaos it can cause in a build battle.

Heavy Shotgun (Epic or Legendary)

Heavy Shotgun

Shotguns have been highly scrutinised by both the developers and the community, as a lot of fights in the game often resort to close-range shotgun battles, with both players hopping around like rabbits. Epic aren’t fond of that idea and as a result, they’ve been nerfing and adjusting shotguns for a while. The latest nerf has affected both the Pump and the Tactical, and has meant the Heavy Shotgun is now the outright best performing close-range weapon. It has a DPS of 77 and can hit players from considerably further away than either of the alternatives, to the point where you’ll often see players running Double Heavy or Heavy + Tactical.

Grenade Launcher (Legendary)

Fortnite Grenade Launcher

For the longest time, the Rocket Launcher was the explosive weapon of choice. It deals more damage than the Grenade Launcher, is more accurate, and can be used in close range encounters if you don’t mind taking some self-inflicted damage. In the latest gameplay adjustments , though, the maximum amount of unloaded rockets you can carry has been limited to 12. That heavily nerfs the Rocket Launcher as spamming rockets is now a much less viable strategy. The Grenade Launcher, on the other hand can hold six grenades loaded, along with another 12 unloaded, making it much more effective at taking down enemy builds. It also deals 100 damage per hit, so it’s not a bad player killer either.

Bolt-Action Sniper (Rare, Epic or Legendary)

Fortnite Bolt Action Rifle

Sniping in Fortnite is a tricky beast to get the hang of due to bullet drop, but when you have some practice, the Bolt-Action is an outstanding gun at range. All three rarities one-hit-kill any player with a headshot, and they’ll all kill anyone with no shield with a body shot. Once you get used to shooting in front of players who are running, predicting their movements, and adjusting your aim for bullet drop the Bolt-Action becomes a must pick weapon when you find one. Especially during the early and mid-game, when the playable area is still large and there’s a lot of open areas.