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Is the Fortnite map getting a significant overhaul?

In a Reddit post from user MHC_Sweedee, a theory has been outlined in which disaster descends upon the Fortnite map, completely changing the game as we know it. If you've been a Fortnite player for a while, you'll remember the rumours of the meteor colliding with Tilted Towers going in to Season Four. Although Tilted Towers remained relatively intact, we actually saw Dusty Depot be destroyed by the meteor shower and become what is now known as Dusty Divot. We know Epic aren't scared to make changes and take some risks, and we've outlined some of the theory here. However, we advise you read through the whole post to get the full idea – it may seem a bit crazy, but stranger things have happened.

The Winter Solstice

There is a tattoo on one particular skin that looks somewhat like an Incan design. MHC_Sweedee decided to look into Incan history and found that one of the most important events of the Incan calendar was the winter solstice, which falls on 23rd June of each year. Fortnite countdown This is relevant because there are numerous countdown clocks on Fortnite that have around three days left on them – counting down to 23rd June. So, the first assumption that can be made is that something big will be happening on Saturday 23rd June.

The llama bridge

'According to the research of William Sullivan, at sunrise, on the winter solstice, a bridge emerged between the horizon, the human world, and Mayu ("river", Milky Way), the world of the Gods. According to the myth [...] a shepherd announced a flood in the constellation of the Lama.' Fortnite llama The Lama references are clearly relevant due to the llama being the representative animal of Fortnite. What is more pertinent, though, are the allusions to a flood. Weather and seasonal changes have played a big part in Fortnite, such as the meteors mentioned above. What this theory suggests is that the map could be flooded – backed up by the new bases and bunkers that have popped up on the map recently, such as the one in Wailing Woods.

The fox slips off

"According to legend, all animals flee from the rising tide, the fox, however, slips off..." Fortnite Wailing Woods Fox By Wailing Woods, there is a large fox-shaped structure – right by the shoreline, at immediate risk of being hit should the tide rise too high. This could mean that the rising tide catches the fox but other animals, such as the llama and the crab structures, may escape. With both the fox and the bunker in Wailing Woods, we could be about to see a catastrophe hit the upper right side of the map. What do you think of this? It may sound a bit wacky, but so did the meteor theories last season. Of course only time will tell, but it sounds pretty exciting.