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Morgausse: "My whole life has changed... It's an insane feeling"

Following the finalisation of the Fortnite Summer Skirmish event at PAX West, resident Fortnite extraordinaire Jacob Hale was able to catch up with winner Austin "Morgausse" Etue to discuss going from unknown to stardom, earning incredible amounts of money and his future in Fortnite esports. So, we don't really know much about you as you've really just exploded into the scene. How did you get into Fortnite esports? Is this the first game you’ve competed in? I was actually competing in H1Z1 and PUBG before so when I saw Fortnite start to pick up heat, I figured that was the move to make. What were your expectations heading into the tournament, and then finally heading into the final/top 100? Did you think you could even make it to that stage of the tournament? No, I actually set myself up just to make the trip worth it even if I didn't qualify. I just wanted to get my name out there, meet as many people as I could. But no, I didn’t expect it. I expected to check the lineup at 6pm every day and have not qualified, but I actually ended up qualifying on the first day, so it was definitely a huge surprise for me. What’s going through your head in that final match? And then finally when you realised you had actually won it? I was keeping up with the points, it was updated almost live, so I knew I was at the top and knew it was tight, so going into the final game I was just trying to get at least one point just to secure that first place spot. The whole tournament I was playing for the win, and I was playing smart and keeping track of my placement. But, as soon as I saw that I won, that I actually won… I don’t know, it was hard for me to process. I never expected to actually win a tournament this big. What’s is like to go from being virtually unknown to winning $250,000 across one weekend? It’s crazy. My whole life has been changed, my schedule, people knowing who I am. The opportunities are endless. I’m getting offers from tier one organisations. It’s a complete 180 from where I was before, just trying to find any organisation to pick me up. It’s an insane feeling, but I’m happy to have the grind pay off. What are you planning to spend the money on? Are any big purchases on the horizon? I actually don’t get the money for a few weeks but when I do get it I’m planning to invest it. I’ve already got some financial advisers set up to invest in different things – a retirement fund, stocks, but obviously, I’ll have a little bit of play money to enjoy myself with. Finally, Epic has just announced the Fortnite Fall Skirmish, $10m across six weeks - what are your expectations going into it? Is there any part of your game you plan on changing or working on? I mean firstly, I’m just hoping I get invited, but my duos right now needs a lot of work. I’m pretty confident going into the solos, but my duos definitely needs a bit of work. It’s a completely different ball game, as far as strategy and communication-wise. Huge thanks to Morgausse for his time. It's great to see someone so level-headed and mature at the top of the esports world. Interesting to note that Morgausse seems pretty intent on working on his duo play for the Fall Skirmish – are we going to see more importance placed on duo play in the future?