Ranking Fortnite's top Twitch streamers

Ranking Fortnite's top Twitch streamers
Fortnite: Battle Royale

is the biggest game out right now, and with that comes the fact that almost every single top Twitch streamer is playing the game and seeing success from it. Here, I’ve ranked seven of your favourite Twitch streamers based on viewership, streaming hours, entertainment value and gameplay ability to find out who is the best Fortnite streamer. (Disclaimer: This is all meant in good fun. Please don't get mad at me.)

7. Timthetatman

Tim is a relative newcomer to Twitch fame, and his channel is only growing. In a few months time, we could expect to see Tim higher up this list. For now, however, he has made the prestigious top seven, and should be incredibly proud. Viewership: 6/10 Streaming hours: 7/10 Entertainment value: 5/10 Gameplay ability: 7/10 Average: 6.25  

6. Summit1G

Summit is no stranger to Twitch streaming success, having been floating around the top of it for a couple of years now. However, with new games comes new competition, and that's exactly what Fortnite has done. Viewership: 7/10 Streaming hours: 7/10 Entertainment value: 5/10 Gameplay ability: 7/10 Average: 6.50  

5. Dakotaz

Dakotaz is often overlooked due to the social media prowess of streamers such as Ninja and Myth, but he's still seeing his fair share of success. He streams a lot, and is good at the game, but has not quite reached the upper levels set by Ninja and his TSM teammate. Viewership: 7/10 Streaming hours: 7/10 Entertainment value: 6/10 Gameplay ability: 7/10 Average: 6.75  

4. Myth Myth

Myth is often found shortly behind Ninja when discussing Fortnite. Evidently, there is one main reason for this: streaming hours. Last week, Myth only streamed for about 20% of the time that Ninja did. Those are game-changing numbers. Those are list-deciding numbers. Pick up the hours, Myth, and get yourself to the top. Viewership: 8/10 Streaming hours: 4/10 Entertainment value: 7/10 Gameplay ability: 9/10 Average: 7  

3. CouRageJD

Ah, my favourite streamer. Unfortunately, there are a couple of factors clearly holding him back; viewership and streaming hours. Unluckily for everyone on this list, Ninja has set an incredibly high bar for both of these, but what CouRage lacks in viewership he makes up for in pure entertainment value: he is hilarious. Viewership: 5/10 Streaming hours: 6/10 Entertainment value: 9/10 Gameplay ability: 8/10 Average: 7  

2. Nickmercs

Nickmercs, the console prodigy. Great at the game and incredibly funny, Nick has a bright future in Fortnite streaming. Previously known for being one of Call of Duty's top streamers, Nick now hangs with the elite players at the back of the Battle Bus. Viewership: 6/10 Streaming hours: 8/10 Entertainment value: 7/10 Gameplay ability: 8/10 Average: 7.25  

1. Ninja

Yep, who would have guessed it? Ninja at the top of the list, as he often is. He ticks all the boxes for viewership and streaming hours, and if only he was a little more entertaining we could see him break the 9/10 score barrier. That's not to say he isn't entertaining, but is not quite up to the levels of streamers such as Nickmercs or CouRage. Viewership: 10/10 Streaming hours: 10/10 Entertainment value: 6/10 Gameplay ability: 9/10 Average: 8.75 Think Ninja is overrated? Think Summit's entertainment value has been downplayed? You can find us on Twitter to tell us exactly what you think.