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Six Best Fortnite Playground Mode Creations

There’s a reason a lot of kids are migrating from Minecraft to Fortnite and it’s not just because the combat system is better. Fortnite’s main gameplay differentiator from all the other battle royale games is the building, whether it be in the middle of combat or setting up some defences for an expected fight. We’re now nine months into the game’s lifespan and we’ve only just been given what many players wanted from the start; a sandbox mode without all the fighting. It’s not perfect, but Playground Mode is the start of what could lead to some phenomenal inventions and creations in Fortnite. The mode has been out for little over a week, so let’s take a look at some of the best creations players have made so far. Make sure to click the screenshots to watch video posts!

Mario Kart: Shifty Slopes

Mario Kart: Shifty Slopes

Shifty Slopes is the second Mario Kart video /u/JoshB_C has made in Fortnite, and it’s just as good as the first (which can be found here). They’ve moved slightly south from Tilted Towers to Shifty Shafts and this time the track features some diagonal corners, a number of bounce pads, a wider road and more. It winds down through the mines of Shifty before coming out up top, but who will win: Teknique or Gumshoe? Place your bets now and strap in for the ride.

Dinner Party

Fortnite Playground Table Chairs

When the enormous chair north of Flush Factory was added to the map at the start of season three, players were slightly confused as to why it was there. It seemed fairly random, being the only oversized furniture across the whole map. /u/Baslero felt sorry for the solo chair though and decided to give him some friends - five of them and a table to be precise. Now, who’s going to add some food and drink?

Glider Course

Fortnite Glider Course

Everyone remembers the gliding missions in Super Mario Galaxy 2, or the ring gliding challenge on Eventide Island in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. /u/Sealeopy has recreated the feel of these with a fantastic short course down the river in Fortnite, with a cheeky death trap right at the end. We want someone to do one all the way round the entire map next.

Bounce to the Skies

Bouncer build Fortnite

“Press Forward” courses are often seen in Trackmania, but are rarely found in any other title. Especially shooters. That’s pretty much exactly what /u/EEXdhahAA has created though, utilising bounce and launch pads in a course that ascends to the heavens before swiftly bringing the player back down to earth. Don’t watch till the very end though, as all the hard work is cruelly eaten by the storm before it gets shot down.

8-Bit Samus

8-bit Samus Fortnite

When Minecraft multiplayer first became popular, pixel art servers were all the rage. Giant characters from Nintendo franchises were everywhere, from Charizards to Luigis. /u/C3POSmash has taken inspiration from these nostalgic times and created an enormous Samus from the Metroid series, placed right on the edge of Dusty Divot. She even has a metal arm to represent her gun.

Fork Knife Cruise Lines

Fork Knife Cruise Lines

Loot Lake is by far the biggest accessible body of water in Fortnite, but it doesn’t quite seem large enough for a cruise liner. That hasn’t stopped /u/AggieKO however, who seems to have parked their enormous ship at the end of the docks by the factories. How they're going to get it out is another question – it probably won’t fare too well going off the waterfall.