Six Incredible Fortnite Replay Mode Films & Montages

Six Incredible Fortnite Replay Mode Films & Montages

Fortnite’s replay mode has been out in the wild for some time now and players have mainly used it after a game to see how on earth they managed to die and how unfair their demise was. Some talented Fortnite players though have taken the clips and camera angles from the built-in replay mode and turned them into fantastic short films and montages. Here’s our top six Fortnite replay mode creations in no particular order.

John Wick Buys A Default Skin by LaffenGas This short tale of a John Wick going shopping shows that despite their infamous reputation, John Wick’s can actually care and have a human side. Or so you’re led to believe. Watch as he and his purchased default skin go for the ride of their lives before it takes a dark turn that involves betrayal and loss.

THE FUTURE by FaZe Tfue, edited by FaZe Unchained Tfue is undoubtedly one of the best Fortnite players in the world right now and it clearly shows in his latest montage, THE FUTURE. Edited by FaZe Unchained, it’s full of incredible plays and clips straight from Tfue’s Twitch stream. Spliced between the great skill on offer are some cinematic shots from replay mode combined with the futuristic soundtrack turn it into one of the best Fortnite montages we’ve seen.

Look At That Butt by Dillon Francis (feat Jarina de Marco) In what is a world first for Fortnite and most likely video games in general, an official music video by a world famous artist (EDM DJ in this case) has been filmed almost exclusively in the game. It also features TSM Myth, one of the first Fortnite streamers and pros. You really need to watch it for yourself because even if the genre of music isn’t your thing, it’s full of incredible moments and hilarious clips.

FOCUSED par Kruzer, edité par PapaSeaner Kruzer has a number of Fortnite montages and highlight reels but this undoubtedly his best work. The synchronisation with the music from Ali Tomineek is on point and the quality of the clips is outstanding. It reminds us very strongly of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 montages and tickles that nostalgia itch we’ve been longing to scratch again.

Planet Fortnite bypar Fortnite Focus David Attenborough documentaries are one of the few precious things left in this world, following the lives and adventures of the fauna found in exotic and wonderful countries all over the globe. Fortnite Focus has taken this concept and applied it to Fortnite with their Planet Fortnite series. With a very good David Attenborough impersonation, this video follows the endeavours of a default skin player, searching for bushes to hide in, sneaking up on other default skins looking for their first kills of the game and even detailing the default skin’s average encounter with Thanos.

NoahJ456 Montage by 100T NoahJ456 Noah isn’t the most skilled of Fortnite players but he’s recently joined esports organisation 100Thieves and as a result, has created this short montage to show off some of his clips. There’s a few impressive solo plays but what really stands out in this video are the number of impressive no-scopes and trickshots he pulls off. It’s considerably harder to pull off shots and kills like these in Fortnite compared to something like Call of Duty, so having enough to fill almost an entire montage is something else.

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