The Scavenger Pop-up Cup is how Fortnite should be

The Scavenger Pop-up Cup is how Fortnite should be
Last week, Epic Games introduced new Limited Time Mode (LTM) Scavenger Pop-up Cup to Fortnite, giving competitive-minded players a place to prove their talents amongst equally talented individuals. Players earn points based on placements and eliminations, with the main aim being to earn 30 points over the five hours it is live each day and earn a pin to mark your achievement. The points breakdown is as follows:
  • +1pt for top 10
  • +1pt for top three
  • +1pt for Victory Royale
  • +1pt for three eliminations
  • +1pt for five eliminations
  • +1pt for seven eliminations

Essentially you can earn up to six points per match, and you are then matched up with opponents of the same or similar points. However, what makes this LTM so good is the different rules and settings it is played on. It seems on many counts that this pop-up cup is more enjoyable than the standard mode of play for a number of reasons, and here's why.

Material limitations

In this LTM, materials are limited at 500-a-piece as opposed to the usual 999. Obviously, 1500 materials max is still quite a lot, especially when considering the fact that players aren't afraid to use all their materials in a single build-battle, but it makes fights far less build-dependent than when you can have nearly 3000. This makes players far more considerate of both how and when they use their materials, adding an extra layer of thought to gameplay, especially when hot-dropping at areas such as Tilted Towers.

Increased health for eliminations

For each elimination, you get an added 50 health or shield. This is game-changing and makes the game flow a lot better, as well as further incentivising kills over simply hiding until the late-game. One of the biggest complaints about Fortnite esports is the importance of healing items as the game draws to a close, and this could be less prevalent if players were gifted an extra 50 health every time they got a kill, as well as giving players more of a reason to go out and chase their eliminations.

Increased harvesting

The 40% increase in harvest rate ties in with the first point, as players are able to max out their materials even quicker. Often, after the initial land, we see the gameplay filter off as players have to stock up on wood, brick or metal in preparation for gunfights and taking the height advantage as the game starts to reach its climax. With this increase in harvest rate, players have less reason to run around bashing down trees, with more time available to hunt down opponents. With the Scavenger Pop-up Cup, players are given more incentive to chase down eliminations and think strategically about the way they play. Though the limited time players are given is somewhat of a nuisance, it is a good test for the future and I personally hope to see this format become the norm in the near future.