Where to find Rifts and All Terrain Karts in Fortnite

Where to find Rifts and All Terrain Karts in Fortnite

Season 5 changed up the core mechanics of the game in a significant way. The storm has become even less of a threat as there’s now even more ways to escape it. Hop rocks and shopping carts were introduced during season four, and now Epic has gone one step further by adding four-man vehicles, called All Terrain Karts (ATK), and glowing rifts that teleport you into the sky, allowing you to deploy your glider and fly to the safe zone rather than running. The thing is, they can sometimes be tricky to find in a panic and you need to know where to look. Here are all the spawn locations for both ATKs and rifts: red for ATKs, blue for rifts. Fortnite Season 5 map Now let's launch into a more detailed breakdown of some of the major hotspots.

Paradise Palms


The new desert town, Paradise Palms, is littered with both ATKs and rifts. They don’t spawn every time, but you can usually find an ATK in the centre of the town, in the large garage on the north side, or near the hotel. If you’re way out to the east, one can also spawn near the old shack with the water tower. In terms of rifts, there’s usually a couple by the parked stagecoach to the north and to the north-west, there’s sometimes a couple by the broken bridge.

Snobby Shores

Snobby Shores

Snobby Shores is as west as you can go without falling off the map and to aid players who spend too long looting, there’s multiple ATK spawns in and around the rich houses. One or two can spawn outside on the road connecting them, with another couple inside the garages. With so many huge houses to loot, it’s easy to lose track of time so the addition of these ATKs will no doubt come in very handy for a number of players.

Viking Village


In between Snobby Shores and Greasy Grove sits a brand new viking themed village atop a mountain. It’s the first area in the game which has a weather effect - in this case, snow - and it’s got a plethora of rifts dotted around the sides of the cliffs. It gives players a failsafe way of descending the mountain rather than building down and if the storm is on your tail, these are already high up the mountain and so will teleport you even higher, giving you plenty of room to deploy your glider and fly to Tilted Towers and beyond.

Lazy Links


Anarchy Acres is now a nine-hole golf course and as a result, it’s got the ATKs everywhere - they do double as fantastic golf carts for the average caddy after all. Despite being fairly lacklustre in terms of the loot you find here, it tends to receive a lot of traffic early in the game so if you need to make a quick getaway, these are everywhere for you and your whole squad. Or you can just roll around trying to sink balls while on the go.

Moai Heads


Introduced this season are a series of Moai Heads, or Easter Island statues if you’d prefer. They’re dotted around the map in a similar fashion to the Chinese New Year podiums that were around for a brief period before Lucky Landing was introduced. Each one has something atop it like a chair or a car and more intriguingly, each one can spawn up to three chests at the bottom. That makes them all decent places to visit anyway but to entice players even more, there’s nearly always multiple rifts at each one. If you didn’t land anywhere near a rift or an ATK, you can plan your route to the safe zone via one of these and get a nice aerial boost after obtaining some more loot.



North of Paradise Palms is the high speed race course that was once a dirt track meant for shopping carts. Along with a built-in lap timer and checkpoints when you’re racing, it of course spawns multiple ATKs at both sides of the track. Powersliding will give you enough speed to crash through and destroy the barricades or if you don’t want to navigate one out of the course, there’s a couple of rifts that can spawn on the north-east and north-western sides of the track.