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Where To Farm Ammonia in No Man's Sky

Ammonia can be used to craft products and can be refined into new elements. But how do you farm Ammonia in the No Man's Sky?
Where To Farm Ammonia in No Man's Sky

Ammonia is one of the most valuable resources you can farm in No Man's Sky. This rare substance is primarily used for various purposes, such as building, crafting, charging, and upgrading essential items and technologies.

Ammonia possesses a blueprint value of 62.0 Units within the game's trading economy, indicating its relative worth and demand among fellow interstellar explorers and traders. If you're looking to farm Ammonia in No Man's Sky efficiently, we've got a handy guide for you.

Ammonia No Man's Sky
How to get Ammonia in No Man's Sky. (Picture: Hello Games)

How To Obtain Ammonia in No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky Ammonia is typically found in large deposits or extracted from common materials after inspection with an Analysis Visor. To determine whether a planet contains Ammonia as a primary resource in rocks, you can scan it from your starship. Look for the primary elements and materials present on the planet in the scan results. If Ammonia is listed, you have a good chance of finding it in rock deposits on that planet.

Once you have landed on a planet, you can use your Analysis Visor to examine rocks of any type. When you activate the Analysis Visor, you will be able to see the composition of the rock you are inspecting. If Ammonia is present, it will be displayed as either the Primary or Secondary Element on the Analysis Visor screen.

Apart from mining Ammonia from rock deposits on hazardous planets, another method to obtain it is by extracting it from the atmosphere of a planet using a Gas Extractor. However, to do this, you must first locate a specific hotspot that contains Ammonia. Acquiring the Survey Device upgrade for your Analysis Visor will help you identify these hotspots. Once you have found the hotspot, you can continually extract Ammonia and store it in Supply Depots for future use.

What is Ammonia used for in No Man's Sky?

One of the primary uses of ammonia is in crafting essential equipment. Players need 100 units of ammonia, along with 2 Metal Plating and 2 Hermetic Seals, to construct the powerful Atmosphere Harvester. This advanced device allows players to extract valuable resources from planetary atmospheres.

Ammonia also contributes to the creation of the Fungal Cluster. Players can craft this unique product by combining 50 units of Fungal Mould with 25 units of ammonia, which likely serves various purposes within the game.

For those seeking the strength of Herox, a coveted substance in No Man's Sky, ammonia plays a key role in its synthesis. By combining 50 units of ammonia with 50 units of Ionised Cobalt, players can produce the Herox, which may hold significance in advanced crafting recipes.

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