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NMS Crossplay Explained: PS5, Xbox, PC Multiplayer Cross-Platform Guide

Learn how No Man's Sky multiplayer works with crossplay in order to join friends on different platforms and explore the universe together.
NMS Crossplay Explained: PS5, Xbox, PC Multiplayer Cross-Platform Guide
Hello Games

Hello Games added the most requested “Multiplayer” feature with the release of No Man’s Sky NEXT update and was further improved with the the Beyond update. No Man’s Sky did not support multiplayer gameplay when it first launched, but the developers added and improved this feature over time through various updates.

However, the game still lacks a split screen co-op or local multiplayer mode. As a result, players can only join each other online. But how exactly the multiplayer mode works in No Man’s Sky? Let’s find out.

Overview of No Man’s Sky Multiplayer

No Man's Sky Multiplayer and Crossplay Explained
No Man's Sky Multiplayer and Crossplay Explained. (Picture: Hello Games)

No Man’s Sky is not a traditional multiplayer game like an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online game). While you can encounter random players, it’s not a common occurrence. The game universe is so vast that the chances of meeting another player are very low. However, you can still play with your friends or strangers by joining a group or a lobby.

What is the Maximum Player Limit in No Man’s Sky Multiplayer 

In the “Next Generation” update, the multiplayer limit was increased to 32 players per system. This means you can see up to 32 players in the same star system as you, either as orbs or avatars. However, this feature has been broken since update 4.0, and now, the most players you can reliably have on one planet is around eight. The developers are working on fixing this issue and restoring the 32-player lobbies.

Cross-Play Compatibility

Cross-play is supported between PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam Deck players. This means that you can play with your friends regardless of what platform they are using. However, Nintendo Switch does not currently have multiplayer capabilities. The developers have stated that they are looking into adding multiplayer for Switch in the future.

How To Set-up Multiplayer in No Man’s Sky

Multiplayer mode selection menu in No Man's Sky
Multiplayer mode selection menu in No Man's Sky. (Picture: Hello Games)

To play multiplayer, you need to have an existing save in solo mode. You can enable multiplayer in the game settings. You can choose who can join your group: anyone, invite-only, friends only, or PVP (Player vs. Player). Make sure to turn off PVP if you want to avoid unwanted player interactions.

How To Invite Friends in No Man’s Sky Multiplayer

No Man’s Sky uses friend codes for multiplayer. Each player has a unique friend code, and you need to exchange friend codes with your friends to play together. Friend codes don’t require dashes, and letters are not case-sensitive. Both players need to add each other’s friend codes to join a game.

How To Join a Friend’s Game in No Man’s Sky Multiplayer

Joining friend's party in No Man's Sky
Joining friend's party in No Man's Sky. (Picture: Hello Games)

After adding a friend, you can join their game from the multiplayer menu. You will be transported to your friend’s location in the game universe. Groups are limited to four players, but you can still see other players outside your group as orbs or avatars.

How To Save Progress in No Man’s Sky Multiplayer

Progress in multiplayer sessions is saved, but your location is not. If you want to keep access to a specific galaxy, place a base computer and name it accordingly. You can also use portals or teleporters to travel between galaxies. You can also save your progress manually by exiting your ship or using a save point.

How To Communicate in No Man’s Sky Multiplayer

Text chat is available in multiplayer for PC players. Console players can only communicate through voice chat. You can also use gestures and emotes to express yourself in multiplayer. You can access these options from the quick menu.

You can also meet other players randomly in the game, especially at locations like the space anomaly. The space anomaly is a hub where you can access various features and services, such as missions, vendors, upgrades, and more. You can invite these players to your group and embark on missions together. You can also visit other players’ bases and leave messages for them.

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