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How To Get Storm Crystals In No Man's Sky

Storm Crystals are one of the most lucrative resources in No Man's Sky, but finding them is difficult. Here's how you can get Storm Crystals fast in the game.
How To Get Storm Crystals In No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky is a game of exploration, discovery, and survival in a vast and diverse universe. One of the many resources that players can encounter in their journey is the Storm Crystal, a rare and valuable curiosity that can only be found on planets with extreme weather conditions.

If you're having trouble tracking down this particular resource, then read on for everything you need to know in order to help farm as many as possible in no time at all.

Storm Crystal in No Man's Sky
Storm Crystal in No Man's Sky. (Picture: Hello Games)

What Are Storm Crystals & What Are They Used for?

Storm Crystals are crystalline structures that thrive in stormy environments and naturally attract lightning strikes. They are exclusively found on extreme weather planets with activated minerals such as Emeril, Copper, Cadmium, or Indium. These planets often have extreme colors like green, blue, or red.

Storm Crystals can only be harvested during storms, which are indicated by a warning message on the screen and a change in the weather effects. During storms, Storm Crystals can be easily spotted by their bright glow and can be located with the Analysis Visor by looking for the icon. They can also be seen from a distance by using the Photo Mode.

Storm Crystals are worth 211,150 units each, making them one of the most lucrative resources in the game. They can also be used to craft some items, such as Warp Hypercore, Antimatter Reactor, Environment Control Unit, and Icarus Fuel System.

How to Find Storm Crystals in No Man's Sky?

The primary way to find Storm Crystals is to explore extreme weather planets during storms. However, here are some tips and strategies that can make the process easier and safer.

Use an exocraft

Using a vehicle is the best option for collecting Storm Crystals, as it provides protection from the hazardous climate and allows faster movement. The exocraft can also harvest the crystals while inside it, saving time and resources. The best exocraft for this task is the Roamer, as it has good speed, handling, and storage capacity. Players should also upgrade their exocraft with S-class modules to improve its performance.

Use a starship

Another option is to use a starship to fly over the planet and scan for Storm Crystals from above. This method is less efficient than using an exocraft, but it can cover more ground and avoid some dangers. Players should land near the crystals and collect them quickly before taking off again. They should also avoid flying too low or too fast, as they might crash into obstacles or miss some crystals.

Use hazard protection

If players choose to collect Storm Crystals on foot, they will need to equip their suit with hazard protection modules that match the type of weather on the planet. For example, if the planet has high radiation levels, they will need the Magnetic DNA Repair System module. They will also need to carry enough resources to recharge their hazard protection and life support systems. Players should also avoid staying too long in one place or engaging in combat with hostile creatures or sentinels.

Use other sources

Besides finding Storm Crystals on planets, players can also obtain them from other sources, such as:

Crystal Fragments

These are small crystals that can be found on some planets or asteroids. They can be analyzed with a Nutrient Processor to produce various resources, including Storm Crystals, with a 5% chance.

Derelict Freighters

These are abandoned spaceships that can be found in space or purchased from Scrap Dealers on space stations. They contain various loot crates that can contain Storm Crystals with a 5% chance.

Suspicious Packets

These items can be purchased from shady dealers on space stations or outposts. They contain random goods that can include Storm Crystals with a 3% chance.


Some missions from the Nexus or the Mission Board can reward players with Storm Crystals upon completion. The chances vary depending on the type and difficulty of the mission.

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