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How To Get Robot Parts Fast in No Man's Sky

Looking for ways to earn Robot Parts fast in No Man's Sky? If yes, then look no further, as we've got you covered with this comprehensive guide.
How To Get Robot Parts Fast in No Man's Sky
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Robot parts in No Man's Sky are mechanical components that can be used to create and customize a robotic avatar. These components are part of the Echoes update in the game. They allow you to construct and personalize a character, allowing you to craft your own distinct and individual avatar.

Fortunately, there are various ways to earn these Robot Parts in No Man's Sky. But we've got you covered with the most effective methods, allowing you to obtain these Robot Parts quickly in the game.

How To Earn Robot Parts in No Man's Sky

Robot Parts are mechanical components that can be used to create and customize a robotic avatar.
Robot Parts are mechanical components that can be used to create and customize a robotic avatar. (Picture: Hello Games)

Here are some of the easiest ways to earn Robot Parts fast in No Man's Sky:

  • Duplicate Motes
  • Earn Void Motes
  • Complete Robot Missions

Duplicate Motes

Motes are a new resource introduced in the Echoes update of No Man's Sky. You can find them by exploring planets, defeating enemies, or completing missions. Collect as many motes as you can to use for duplication. In order to duplicate motes, you'll need to build a Mote Duplicator. This can be done using the game's crafting system.

Once you have a Mote Duplicator, you can start duplicating your collected motes. Interact with the Mote Duplicator and follow the on-screen prompts to initiate the duplication process. This will create additional motes for you to use.

With the duplicated motes in hand, you can now exchange them for robot parts. Visit a vendor or trade terminal in the game and look for options to purchase robot parts using motes. The availability and variety of robot parts may vary depending on the location and the vendor.

Earn Void Motes

Void Motes serve as a form of currency that not only enables you to unlock the robot parts but also other exclusive items found at the Autophage campsites.

There are mainly two ways to obtain Void Motes in No Man's Sky:

  • Assist the Autophage: Void Motes is a rare and mysterious currency that can be obtained by interacting with the Autophage, a new faction of mechanical beings with a hidden agenda in the galaxy.
  • Infuse Atlantideum into Korvax monolith sites: To use Atlantideum at a Korvax monolith site, you need to find a planet where the Korvax live. You can scan the planets or follow the Atlas path to find them. When you reach a monolith site, talk to it and choose to use Atlantideum. This will use up one Atlantideum and give you Void Motes.

Complete Robot Missions

The Autophage offers a way to customize your character in the game. To embark on this adventure, you’ll need to locate the Autophage race and initiate the mission. Once you’re on the Autophage mission, you’ll have to complete a series of robot-related tasks to acquire robot parts. These missions might involve resource gathering, battling enemies, or exploring planets.

Once you’ve collected these robot parts, there are two options: exchange them for different robotic components or use them to construct and personalize your own unique robotic character. Head over to a vendor or trade terminal within the game. Explore the choices for purchasing or trading robot parts.

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