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How To Install Mods For No Man's Sky

There are already several No Man's Sky mods available to download on NexusMods, and here's a guide to install them.
How To Install Mods For No Man's Sky
Hello Games

No Man’s Sky is a popular space exploration video game that offers a lot of reasons to play. The procedurally generated universe is enormous, and the potential for exploration is virtually infinite. But even with all that potential, there may be some mods you want to install to make your experience even better. Here's a guide on how to do it.

Can You Mod No Man’s Sky?

The answer is yes, you can mod No Man’s Sky. However, modding No Man’s Sky is not officially supported by the developers, Hello Games. This means that mods may not work properly with every update or patch of the game.

They may also cause conflicts or errors with other mods or the game itself. Therefore, you should always backup your saved files before installing any mod and use them at your own risk.

Yes, you can install Mods for No Man's Sky
Yes, you can install Mods for No Man's Sky. (Picture: Hello Games)

How to Install Mods for No Man’s Sky

If you are willing to take the plunge and try out some mods for No Man’s Sky, here is how you can install them:

  1. Browse to the installation folder of No Man’s Sky. If you own the game on Steam, you can right-click on the title, hover your cursor over Manage, and click Browse Local Files.
  2. Open the GAMEDATA folder and then the PCBANKS folder.
  3. Delete or rename the file called DISABLEMODS.TXT.
  4. Create a folder named MODS inside the PCBANKS folder.
  5. Download the mod files you want from a reliable source, such as Nexus Mods. Make sure they are compatible with the latest version of the game.
  6. Extract the mod files and copy the .pak files into the MODS folder. Do not put them in any subfolder.
  7. Start the game and wait for the splash screen to disappear. You should see a warning message that says, “You are using a modded version of the game” before you can select your save file.

If you're looking to add some extra content or customize your game experience, be sure to check out the modding community for No Man's Sky. There are plenty of great mods available that will make your journey through the galaxy even more fulfilling.

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