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When Is The Next No Man's Sky Update Coming Out?

Here is all the information we have for the next big update to No Man's Sky.
When Is The Next No Man's Sky Update Coming Out?
Hello Games

When No Man's Sky first launched, there were a lot of problems that came with the game. Missing features, bugs, and a lot of other things that made people turn their heads on the game. Now No Man's Sky is absolutely packed with content and has an absolutely thriving community that is dedicated to the game.

Since 2016 there have been massive updates for the game that have completely changed the core gameplay. To say No Man's Sky is basically a different game from when it first started would be an understatement. That is why players are always on the lookout for the next big content update. For those wanting to know how long you might be waiting until the No Man's Sky drops its next major content update, read on!

No Man's Sky Update
Big content updates seems to be spread out every few months, but smaller updates can come at any time. (Picture: Hello Games)

All No Man's Sky Update Release Dates

Ever since the release of No Man's Sky, there has been a constant flow of updates for the game. Some take longer than others to release but generally speaking, the team at Hello Games has been increasing the frequency of these updates over the past 7 years.

Before we answer the topic at hand, here is a table of the previous release dates for No Man's Sky past major updates:

Foundation Update 26 November 2016 NA
Pathfinder Update 8 March 2017 103 Days
Atlas Rises Update 11 August 2017 157 Days
Next Update 24 July 2018 348 Days
The Abyss Update 29 October 2018 98 Days
Visions Update 22 November 2018 25 Days
Beyond Update 14 August 2019 266 Days
Synthesis Update 28 November 2019 107 Days
Living Ship Update 18 February 2020 83 Days
Exo Mech Update 7 April 2020 50 Days
Crossplay Update 11 June 2020 66 Days
Desolation Update 16 July 2020 36 Days
Origins Update 23 September 2020 69 Days
Next Generation Update 10 November 2020 48 Days
Companions Update 17 February 2021 99 Days
Expeditions Update 31 March 2021 42 Days
Prisms Update 2 June 2021 63 Days
Frontiers Update 1 September 2021 91 Days
Sentinel Update 16 February 2022 137 Days
Outlaws Update 13 April 2022 56 Days
Endurance Update 20 July 2022 98 Days
Waypoint Update 7 October 2022 79 Days
Fractal Update 22 February 2023 138 Days
Interceptor Update 5 April 2023 42 Days
Singularity Update 7 June 2023 63 Days
Echoes Update 24 August 2023 78 Days

When Will The Next Major Update For No Man's Sky Release?

As you can see, there have been nearly 30 major content updates for No Man's Sky. A lot of the major content updates tend to be spaced out every couple of months, but some of the more mechanical updates, like the Mac Update, can drop at any time. Currently, the duration of time between updates is somewhere between 40-80 days. With usually a longer wait over the winter period.

Given the Echoes Update released on 24 August we would imagine the next major content update for No Man's Sky could release somewhere between the Middle of October to November 2023.

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